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First Kingdom of Batavia

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First Kingdom of Batavia

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Vlag Vrije Bataafse Staten.jpg Free Batavian States -- (1520 - 1523 AN) -- Davignonrepublic Vlag Dietsland.gif

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Official language: Batavian
Capital: 's Koningenwaarde
Largest cities: 's Koningenwaarde, Davignon, Ingelburg

Population: 16,367,210

Government: Constitutional monarchy
Head of state: Arkadius I des Vinandy
Head of government: Jodocus van Haltna

Edelenregering (Noble's Government)

Currency: Kruys
The most important nobles were gathered in councils to represent the interests of the monarchy. From these councils, Jodocus van Haltna would select a group of important nobles into a Edelenregering, a noble's cabinet, to reform and rule the nation from 1519 AN onwards.

The First Kingdom of Batavia was a short-lived royal government of Batavia. It replaced the disunited Batavian lordships and states into a strong, centralised state. While Arkadius I des Vinandy ascended the Throne, it was Jodocus van Haltna who was the true ruler of the nation, as chairman he presided over the Edelenregering: a cabinet of the most important nobles. Jealousy and disagreements among the nobility eventually led to the shortlived declaration of the Republic of Davignon.