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Albirex Niigatawas FC

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Albirex Niigatawas
Full name Albirex Niigatawas Football Club
Nickname(s) Phinbellan White Swans
Founded RP 2610
Chairman Steward Noporasik
League PP.League
RP 2620 3th
Home colour

Away colour

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Albirex Niigatawas or knownly as Albirex Niigatawas Football Club is a professional football club based in Niigatawas district, Hulu Teming, Permata Mutiara People's Corridor Territory, Phinbella. It was founded in RP 2610 and once played in the territorial amateur league. Since RP 2616, Albirex Niigatawas has been selected to compete in the PP.League, a top-tier professional football league in Phinbella.



Current squad

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No. Position Player
No. Position Player