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Sanaman invasion of western Shimmerspring

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The Sanaman invasion of western Shimmerspring was ordered by President Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici on 18.X.1679. The invasion was a response to continued terrorist activity by the Real IPA and the pacification of eastern Shimmerspring initiated three days before by Drak-Modan.



Shimmerspring invasion.gif


  • 18: Invasion ordered by President Nur Pinito Caprici. Shortly after, the 22nd ABCT, 12th LBCT, 24th ABCT, and 5th MBCT, supported by the 3rd Army Aviation Brigade and various units from the Federal Air Force crossed the border into Shimmerspring and western Caverden.
  • 19: Invasion forces encounter heavy resistance around the ruins of Elder Beacon. Real IPA forces swiftly defeated after heavy artillery shelling and air strikes.
  • 21: Sanaman forces penetrate deeper into Shimmerspring, only encountering pockets of resistance fighters.


  • 5: Sanaman positions consolidated after an advance of almost 250 kilometers into Shimmerspring and 300 kilometers into Caverden.
  • 6: Forces continue to advance to surround identified enemy strongholds. Neither the Real IPA or the Shimmerspring Republican Guard maintain any significant presence outside the major urban areas. Both forces are also spread thin due to the simultaneous Drak-Modani invasion.
  • 10: Advance stalled once again due to concerns over minefields, White Plague and radioactivity. Shimmerspring turns out to be a dystopian wasteland in parts.
  • 16: Forces have surrounded the major populated areas of Jakovita and Mortis Mercatoria. Civilians flee the area and are taken care of by the Red Star behind the lines, after proper security vetting.
  • 18: Assault on Jakovita and Mortis Mercatoria initiated. Forces tread lightly due to the civilian population, clearing buildings one by one. The superior training and equipment of the Sanaman forces is obvious.


  • 11: Fall of Jakovita.
  • 15: Fall of Mortis Mercatoria.


After the fall of the Shimmerspring government, the Sanaman government created the Sanaman security zone in western Shimmerspring.