Real Istvanistani Patriotic Army

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The Real Patriotic Istvanistani Army (RIPA) is an anti-Præta communist guerrilla armed group in Shimmerspring, a break-away group from the Republican Guard/Istvanistani Patriotic Army. It recognizes neither Shirerithian nor Republic of Shimmerspring sovereignty over Shimmerspring.

It is believed to have some 6,000 active members. It broke away from the Republican Guard/Istvanistani Patriotic Army after the Republican Guard acceded to some Raspur Pact demands of not only recognizing the Præta language but also protecting it, as well as the RG/IPA's entertaining joining the Raspur Pact. It is also more communist in ideology than its accessor, largely taking all its support from the far-left wing of the RG/IPA.