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Pentyre Dragons

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Pentyre Dragons Football Club
Nickname(s) The Black Dragons
Founded April 2013
Dissolved 2018
Ground Caerdragon Stadium
(capacity: 72,000)
League Gynghrair Gyntaf
Pentyre Dragons Kit.png

Pentyre Dragons (officially Pentyre Dragons Football Club) is a Calbain football club that plays in the Gynghrair Gyntaf. It is widely considered to be the best professional football club in Calbion, and has seen some international success, coming up second in the 2016-17 CTFA Champions' League. It is also known as the place of breakthrough for many prominent international players.


Pentyre Dragons FC was founded in 2013 and quickly rose to become the largest football club in Calbion. The team won the first Gynghrair Gyntaf title and as such performed in the CTFA Champions' League, where they were eliminated rather quickly. They continued to win the three subsequent Gynghrair Gyntafs, and participated in the Champions league, where they came up second in the 2016-17 season.


Notable former players