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National Chancellery of Sanama

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The National Chancellery of Sanama is the name for the organisation supporting the Council of State of Sanama. It is subordinate to the Council of State of Sanama and its formal head is the Chancellor of Sanama. Day-to-day management of the National Chancellery is however delegated to the Principal Under-Secretary for the National Chancellery, the most senior civil servant in the national government. This appointment can however be a political one. The Chancellery is in turn divided into several departments, each headed by a Council of State secretary. The rest of the national civil service consists of more or less independent directorates, services, boards and offices under the formal direction of the Council of State as a whole, and a specific department in particular. In 1692, the Chancellery overwent a reorganisation, whereby the offices were renamed directorates, or merged to form new directorates. In addition, the positions of Under Secretary and Deputy Under Secretary were expanded and politicised. Critics called it excessive bureaucracy while Chancellor Nur Pinito Caprici defended the expansion by referencing the expanded role of the national government and Sanama's population boom.

List of Principal Under-Secretaries for the National Chancellery

No Picture Officeholder Took office Left office
1 Padric Shallowwood 12.X.1679 1.XII.1682
2 Anila Kuli 1.XII.1682 1.XII.1685
3 Samuel Willowfield 1.XII.1685 1.XII.1688
4 Kali Puniso Kesha 1.XII.1688 1.XII.1691
5 Amelya Castanetti 1.XII.1691

National Civil Service

Department of the Chancellor
General Administration Inspectorate Enforces legislation and directives across the national, regional and local government levels, ensures that the autonomous countries apply national law correctly
Department of the Treasury
Domestic Revenue Service Collects taxes, fees, duties and other revenue for the national government
Financial Institutions Directorate Regulates and supervises financial institutions
Mint and Printing Directorate Mints and prints Sanaman currency
National Budget Directorate Prepares the annual budget
National Debt Directorate Manages the public debt
National Fiscal Directorate National taxes and other national revenue and payments
National Programmes Directorate Administers and coordinates national programmes
National Revision Directorate Evaluates and revises government and government financed activities
Patents and Registration Directorate Registers companies under national law and patents
Financial Institutions Inspectorate Enforces financial institutions regulations and legislation
Revenue Enforcement Inspectorate National tax law and other revenue law enforcement
Department of Defence
  • Sanaman Armed Forces
  • Sanaman Army
  • Sanaman Navy
  • Sanaman Air Force
National defence and international peacekeeping missions
Civil Defence Directorate Coordinates and manages national civil defence efforts
Cybersecurity Directorate Responsible for cybersecurity efforts across the national government
Defence Intelligence Directorate Intelligence gathering and coordination for the military
Defence Procurement Directorate Supply of materiel for the Sanaman Armed Forces
Defence Recruitment Directorate Manages conscription and other recruitment efforts by the armed forces
Defence Research and Development Directorate Manages research and development programmes for the Department of Defence
Veterans Directorate Responsible for issues regarding veterans, including employability, mental and physical health care, and pensions
Department of Defence Inspectorate Recommends measures and ensures compliance across all DoD agencies
Defence Export Inspectorate Enforces legislation regarding export of defence materiel
Department of Domestic Security
Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service Immigration and customs enforcement
Kalisa Nasyonal Halimpanli Anti-terrorism, domestic intelligence and counter-intelligence, and state security efforts
Kalisa Rrumëli National law enforcement
Kalisa Sivile National criminal investigations
Sanaman Coast Guard Maritime law enforcement and surveillance
Sentience Enforcement Service Enforces legislation and regulations regarding non-human sentience
Emergency Management Directorate National emergency coordination and planning
National Forensic Directorate Responsible for forensic science for law enforcement
Domestic Security Inspectorate Investigates and enforces domestic security standards and regulations
Department of Foreign Affairs
Sanaman Foreign Service Staffing for embassies and consulates, as well as diplomats at-large
Foreign Trade Directorate Facilitates, regulates and implements legislation regarding foreign trade
International Development Directorate Coordinates Sanaman international development and aid efforts
National Intelligence Directorate Foreign national security, anti-terrorism, intelligence and counter-intelligence gathering, processing and analysing for the President and Council of State, chiefly through human intelligence
Department of Justice
National Corrections Service Responsible for processing, incarceration, and other correctional measures on the national level
National Marshal Service Warrant and security services for the national courts
Citizenship and Immigration Directorate Immigration, residency and citizenship
Civil and Human Rights Directorate Promoting gender equality, protect and promote civil and human rights
Courts Administration Directorate Service for the national court system
Data Protection Directorate Regulates personal data activities, promotes data security
Directorate of the Inquisitor General National prosecution service
National Elections Directorate Conducts, manages and supervises elections and referendums
Data Protection Inspectorate Enforces data protection legislation and regulations
Law Enforcement Inspectorate Investigates criminal acts committed by law enforcement officials and enforces legislation regarding law enforcement activities
National Discrimination Inspectorate Enforces and investigates violations under discrimination legislation
Department of the Interior
Amarra Esa Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Cisamarra Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Enosa Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Fatehpur Sikri Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Highpass Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Indipendensa Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Lagunas Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Lamika Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
National Capital District Territorial Administration Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Niyi Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Qalit Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Semisa Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Shimmerspring Territorial Administration Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
So Sara Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Thanatos Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Thanidor Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Tikano Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Xawakalë Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
Xolaso Regional Authority Coordinates national policy and provides certain services
National Postal Service Postal and package delivery services
National Archives Directorate Preserves government records and publishes national laws, regulations, decrees, and other public documents
National Survey and Mapping Directorate Responsible for surveys, geology and mapping
Overseas Directorate Responsible for issues relating to overseas possessions and interests
Public Statistics Directorate Responsible for national census and other statistics
Sentient Species Directorate Responsible for regulation of and relations with non-human sentient species
Tourism Promotion Directorate Promotes Sanama as an international tourism destination
Postal Enforcement Inspectorate Enforces legislation and regulations concerning the postal service, investigates violations
Department of Infrastructure
Maritime Transport Directorate Regulation of maritime travel and transport
National Aviation Directorate Regulation of air travel and transport
National Railway Directorate Regulation and governance of national railway travel and transport
National Telecommunication Directorate Regulation of telecommunications
Public Works Directorate Coordinates, builds and procures public infrastructure
Road Transportation Directorate Regulation and governance of national road travel and transport
National Air Traffic Safety Inspectorate Enforcement of air traffic safety
Department of Education
Adult Education Directorate Promotes, supports and implements legislation regarding adult education
Higher Education Directorate Responsible for universities and other types of higher education
National Schools Directorate Responsible for mandatory education forms, from preschool to high school
Student Support Directorate Administers the national student loan and support programmes
National Education Inspectorate Enforces compliance with national standards in education
Research Ethics Inspectorate Enforces compliance with research ethics legislation
Department of the Environment and Agriculture
National Forest Service Responsible for national forests
National Parks and Monuments Service Maintains and promotes national parks and monuments
Wildlife and Fisheries Service Protects and manages wild animal populations and fishery resources
Environmental Protection Directorate Regulates and environmental standards and pollution levels
National Food Standards Directorate Regulation of food standards and preservatives
National Reclamation Directorate Responsibility for expansion of irrigation and water management
Water Management Directorate Regulates and implements legislation regarding Sanaman seas, lakes and other waters
National Agriculture Directorate Coordination and standards for agricultural production and sale
Environment Enforcement Inspectorate Enforces environmental standards and legislation
Food Standards Inspectorate Enforces legislation regarding food products
Agricultural Products Inspectorate Enforces legislation regarding agricultural products and their sale
Department of Energy
Chemical Safety Directorate Prevents chemical accidents, promotes chemical safety, and regulates chemicals producers
Electricity Safety Directorate Regulates electrical products and power distribution
Radiation Safety Directorate Prevents radiation accidents, promotes radiation safety, and regulates radiation producers
Chemical Safety Inspectorate Investigates chemical accidents and businesses and enforces applicable legislation
Energy Market Inspectorate Ensures compliance with regulation and legislation on the energy market
Nuclear and Radiation Safety Inspectorate Investigates nuclear and radiation accidents and businesses and enforces applicable legislation
Department of Commerce and Industry
Consumer Products Safety Directorate Regulates and inspects consumer products to protect the public against harm
Financial Supervision Directorate Regulates and supervises financial institutions providing services to consumers
Licencing Commissions Services Directorate Provides services to the various licencing commissions. Each commission is a separate public agency, listed on the LCSO page.
Sanaman Accrediation Directorate Regulates and accredits accreditation organisations
Sanaman Antarctic Territory Office Responsible for general government in the SAT
Small Businesses Directorate Supporting and promoting small businesses
State Ownership Directorate Coordinates and regulates state ownership of property and companies
Department of Health and Social Services
Sanaman Health Service Uniformed service working to assist provincial authorities and allies abroad in public health measures
Children and Families Directorate Funds provincial, regional and local organisations to provide support, care and welfare related to children and families, enforces child support
Drugs and Narcotics Directorate Regulates drugs and narcotics
Medical Products and Medicines Directorate Regulates medical products and medicines, ensures adequate supplies
National Centers for Medicine and Disease Prevention
Public Health Directorate National public health and epidemic measures; directs, supports and develops healthcare
Department of Science and Technology
National Space Directorate Space exploration, regulation and satellite communication efforts
Standards, Weights and Measurements Directorate Representing Sanama in standards organisations and is responsible for standards, weights and measurements in Sanama
Department of Labour
Volunteer Labour Service Organises and provides unemployed people with training, social contact, national pride, and employability
Employment Insurance Directorate Administers the national employment insurance scheme
Labour Standards Inspectorate Enforces national labour standards
Department of Economic Development
Community Planning and Development Directorate Promotes and manages rural and community development schemes
Economic Development Directorate Provides grants and promotes economic development among disadvantaged communities and businesses
National Innovation Directorate Promotes, supports and encourages Sanaman innovativeness
National Urban Development Directorate Promotes and manages national urban development schemes
Department of Culture
National Copyright Directorate Manages copyright issues and applications
National Heritage Directorate Preservation of historical remains and monuments
National Media Directorate Regulation and licensing for media on the national level

National companies

Company Business area Reports to
Sanama Arms Industries Military weapons and vehicles Department of Defence
Sanama State Maritime Industries Military naval vessels and weapons Department of Defence
Brightworks Military aircraft Department of Defence
Sanaman National Railways Railway transport Department of Infrastructure
SanOil Oil and natural gas production Department of Energy
Sanaman Power Distribution Power infrastructure and distribution Department of Energy