Markets of Outer Corum

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Markets of Outer Corum
Founded - PSSC
Headquarters Ossyo, Realm of Bayen
Products Brokerage

Representing the regions of Corum which lie beyond the borders of the Kingdom of New Zimia, the Markets of Outer Corum are home to the nation's leading exporters of livestock.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Date Established Notes
Giid-Lisea Ranching Company Giid-Lisea Ranching Company Established around the turn of the tenth centruy WG, Giid-Lisea Ranching Company is responsible for raising and exporting herds of Giid-Lisea-Eda, an aggressive and territorial tusked beast native to central and eastern Corum. Misc. Giid-Lisea Ranching Company
Giid-Lisea Ranching Company Redwood-Brugge Livestock Based in the eternally overcast Western Corum, Redwood-Brugge employs thousands of native ranchers, who raise herds of Eeli-Illt-Eda, a large plated reptile whose meat is heavily favored by Pallisicans. Misc. Giid-Lisea Ranching Company
Ossyo Energy Corporation Ossyo Energy Corporation Like the Seemsy Energy Corporation, the Ossyo Energy Corporation also operates a number of powerplants, powered by uranium mined from the North Antarctic Domain. Energy
Korhal Agricultural Korhal Agricultural The nation's largest producer of non-spice related agriculture, Korhal Agricultural is a leading employer of the region's native Gamesman peoples. Food
Merchants of Braxia Merchants of Braxia A band of merchants representing the Braxia, a tribe of Gamesman who reside in the vast volcanic cavern system which extends outwards from the beneath the waters of Lake Norton, the Merchants of the Braxia specialize in the production and sale of extremely high quality silver jewelry featuring the highly coveted scales of the La-Adred-Nas. Misc.
Wasp Hunters of the Austral Isles Wasp Hunters of the Austral Isles The Wasp Hunters of the Austral Isles earn their living by selling the nutrient-rich, partially digested fish pulp which they harvest from the intestines of the Aiji-Hial-Nas that they hunt in great abundance in the isles of northwestern Corum. Food
The Deep Rangers The Deep Rangers The Deep Rangers are a community of Braxians who retain the exclusive rights to ranch and hunt the giant Cha-Etvoy-Irf which live in relative abundance in the extreme depths of Lake Norton. Food
EntukPerfume Entuk Perfume Artisans The Entuk Perfume Artisans are widely regarded for the production of a range of high quality perfumes, which they make according to traditional customs using extracts derived from the fauna and flora of Corum. Among the Artisans' most popular perfume is the Fragrance of Asee, which incorporates pheromones extracted from the Asee-Lisea-Eda. Misc.
Kurzru Rope Manufacturers Kuzru Rope Manufacturers The Kuzru people of the Riponian Desert, in central Corum, are widely regarded for the extremely high quality rope which they make from the fibrous, bright red leaves of the Sevid-Fiota. Misc. Sevid-Fiota
Commission for the Treatment of Tja Fever Commission for the Treatment of Tja Fever The Commission for the Treatment of Tja Fever is responsible for treating and managing outbreaks of Tja Fever among indigenous populations in Corum. Misc.
Cave Slug Jelly Company Cave Slug Jelly Company The Cave Slug Jelly Company sells high quality jelly made from the mashed flesh of the giant, transparent slugs which gather in abundance at the cavern-entrances to The Corumian Underground. Food
The Swarm Fleet The Swarm Fleet The first major community of pirates to emerge in the waters surrounding Corum since the conclusion of the Second Pirate Wars, the Swarm Fleet is a community of Gamesman privateers operating in the waters of Northern Corum and the Austral Strait, who sail in the wake of the annual swarms of Aiji-Hial-Nas. Misc.
SaintsofHom Saints of Hom The Saints of Hom are a collective of privateers who operate out of Hom City, in the Craitish Archipelago which lies to the immediate east of the East Corumian city of Port Brent, and who earn their living raiding vessels carrying goods between the region's unclaimed coastal communities. Misc.

Product Lists

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Giid-Lisea Ranching Company Giid-Lisea-Eda 3/Share 2.7/Share
Redwood-Brugge Livestock Eeli-Illt-Eda 5/Share 4.5/Share
Ossyo Energy Corporation Electricity 750/Share 675/Share
Korhal Agricultural Wheat 35 Tons/Share 31.5/Share
Oats 20 Tons/Share 18/Share
Cereal 25 Tons/Share 22.5/Share
Hay 44 Tons/Share 39.6/Share
Merchants of the Braxia Custom Crown 1/33,000 Shares X
Custom Necklace 1/20,000 Shares X
Custom Crown 1/10,000 Shares X
Wasp Hunters of the Austral Isles Partially digested fish pulp 50lbs/Share 45/Share
The Deep Rangers Calamari 15lbs/Share 13.5/Share
Entuk Perfume Artisans Fragrance of Asee 100ml/Share 90/Share
Kuzru Rope Manufacturers Rope 50ft/Share 45/Share
Twine 125ft/Share 112.5/Share
String 150ft/Share 135/Share
Commission for the Treatment of Tja Fever Patients Receiving Treatment (Western Corum) 3/Share 2.7/Share
Patients Receiving Treatment (Central Corum) 5/Share 4.5/Share
Patients Receiving Treatment (Northern Corum) 1.3/Share 1.17/Share
Patients Receiving Treatment (Southern Corum) .95/Share .85/Share
Patients Receiving Treatment (Eastern Corum) 1.45/Share 1.3/Share

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 15,594 4.56%
New Zimian War League 1,444 .41%
Region of the Center 950 .27%
Region of the East 1,509 .43%
Region of the West 2,608 .75%
New Zimian Temple Authority 0 0%
Wallis Island 10,144 2.9%
Domain of the North Antarctic 2,376 .68%
Realm of Bayen 1,462 .42%
Realm of Redwood-Brugge 2,143 .61%
Dependency of Tanah-Baru 572 .16%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 1,024 .29%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 500 .14%
Realm of Alphaville 1,300 .37%
Passas 1,000 .29%
Zibertian Societies 0 .0%
Zimian Societies 0 .0%
Passasian Societies 0 .0%
Corum Electric 2,950 .84%
Passasian Unincorporated Territory 2,000 .57%
Province of the River Erik 750 .21%
Blore Heath 3,000 .86%
Jogi 0 0%
Mylecia 0 0%
Rouge 0 0%
Vaeringheim 0 0%
Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest 5,000 1.43%
Florian Republic 1,000 .29%
Corumian Underground 0 0%
Imab Army 0 0%
Hatch Ministry 0 0%
Pallisican Primary Contingency Zone 0 0%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC 1,664,257 69,322 Polis .04 Polis 317,223 Polis Epidemic (-10%)
39.40 PSSC 1,655,086 69,708 Polis .04 Polis 317,223 Polis Epidemic (-10%)
39.20 PSSC 1,701,668 71,823 Polis .04 Polis 317,223 Polis Surplus (+10%)
39.00 PSSC 1,513,239 87,456 Polis .06 Polis 317,223 Polis Crime (-10%)
38.80 PSSC 1,601,389 90,680 Polis .06 Polis 317,223 Polis Crime (-10%)
38.60 PSSC 1,576,578 92,919 Polis .06 Polis 317,223 Polis Heatwave (-50%)
38.40 PSSC 1,184,030 207,636 Polis .19 Polis 288,385 Polis Drought (-20%)
38.20 PSSC 1,103,425 209,857 Polis .19 Polis 288,385 Polis Surplus (+20%)
38.00 PSSC 932,675 201,347 Polis .22 Polis 288,385 Polis Drought (-10%)
37.80 PSSC 1,073,638 215,530 Polis .2 Polis 288,385 Polis Floods (-10%)
37.60 PSSC 1,120,732 158,839 Polis .14 Polis 230,708 Polis Drought (-40%)
37.40 PSSC 584,863 125,663 Polis .21 Polis 201,869 Polis Floods (-10%)
37.20 PSSC 594,886 126,874 Polis .21 Polis 201,869 Polis Drought (-40%)
37.00 PSSC 503,900 88,015 Polis .17 Polis 164,031 Polis Heatwave (-50%)
36.80 PSSC 418,57 60,718 Polis .08 Polis 121,692 Polis Rebellion (-30%)
36.60 PSSC 1,958,950 77,708 Polis .039 Polis 226,834 Polis Surplus (+40%)
36.40 PSSC 1,726,647 112,837 Polis .057 Polis 270,638 Polis Drought (-10%)
36.20 PSSC 4,623,231 111,216 Polis .024 Polis 268,308 Polis Epidemic (-10%)
36.00 PSSC 5,518,076 111,260 Polis .02 Polis 268,308 Polis Crime (-10%)