Greater Eurani Trade Association

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Greater Eurani Trade Association
Founded - PSSC
Headquarters Zinjibar, Eastern Eura Trade Association
Products Brokerage

The Greater Eurani Trade Association represents the commercial interests of the Eastern Eura Trade Association, as well as several other Pallisican settlements around the continent of Eura.

Company Descriptions

Company Flag Company Name Company Description Date Established Notes
Vayelon Indigo Export Company Vayelon Indigo Export Company Located in what is perhaps the oldest city in Eastern Eura, the Vayelon Indigo Export Company produces the dyes which are used in the production of the clothes worn by the Crown of Passio-Corum. Misc.
Salt Mines of Shahzamin Salt Mines of Shahzamin The largest producer of high quality salt in the Micrasian east, the Salt Mines of Shahzamin operates an extensive network of ancient mines to the west of Bandar-e Ebrahim. Food
Vineyards of Izaire Vineyards of Izaire The producers of Eura's finest wines, the Vineyards of Izaire have long operated throughout the isles of Krey'Aken. Today the Vineyards operate as part of an agreement with the New Zimian Temple Authority, which controls the islands. Food

Vineyards of Izaire Front Label Vineyards of Izaire Back Label -

Shadow Ports of Ebrahim Shadow Ports of Ebrahim Located on the outskirts of Bandar-e Ebrahim, the Shadow Ports of Ebrahim are the last remaining home ports of Eastern Eura's major pirate communities. Intelligence/Other
Agents of Rey Agents of Rey An order of Zjandarian spies, the Agents of Rey maintain high level connections in virtually all of the world's major nations. Intelligence/Other
Eurani Stonecutter's Association Eurani Stonecutter's Association Headquartered in the ancient city of Qomavra in Northern Eura, The Eurani Stonecutters Association' is responsible for the operation of the region's extensive limestone quarries. Misc.
Truva Film Studio Truva Film Studio Misc. See List of Titles
Duranian Metal Collective Duranian Metal Collective The Duranian Metal Collective is responsible for the extraction, refinement, and exportation of lead from central Eura. Misc.
Jax Follies' Carriers of Goods Jax Follies' Carriers of Goods The Jax Follies' Carriers of Goods are an extensive community of couriers who help to facilitate the movement of goods around the many islands and coastal communities located in the Harbor of Stars. Intelligence/Other
Eurani Highland Lettuce Farmers Eurani Highland Lettuce Farmers The Eurani Highland Lettuce Farmers are a community of farmers who specialize in the production of a type of extremely nutritious lettuce which is native to the fertile valleys of the central Duranian Highlands. Food
Cultists of the Peanut Butter Idol The Cultists of the Peanut Butter Idol The Cultists of the Peanut Butter Idol are a highly distinctive community of practitioners of Apollonian Bassaridianism, based in the city of Truva, who worship as part of their core rituals, the Goddess of Peanut Butter, a strange and mysterious figure who according to local tradition is connected to Silenus, the King of Satyrs. As part of their rituals, these cultists are known to consume a special type of peanut butter which causes deep intoxication. Food
AltsunAffiliate Altsun Affiliate Originally known as the Aqabah Affiliate, the Altsun Affiliate is a collective of spies and informants who operate across the coastal and island regions of Western Eura in support of the New Zimian War League. Intelligence/Other
Iter Cereal Corporation Iter Cereal Corporation Established by the native peoples of northwestern Eura who were negatively impacted by foreign wars of aggression against the nation of Iteru, the Iter Cereal Corporation specializes in the production and sale of a range of processed cereals. Food
Confederacy of Arslahni Horse Ranchers Confederacy of Arslahni Horse Ranchers Located in the lands which lies to the west of the Vëlacío, the Arslahni Horse Ranchers are widely regarded for having domesticated the region's native wild horses. Misc.
AkusuRegionalHighway Akusu Regional Highway Fund The Akusu Regional Highway Fund is responsible for the construction and long-term maintenance of a network of roads and ferries which connects the islands of the Krey'akusu Archipelago to one another, and to the mainland to the north and south of the Gulf of Zinijibar. Sine 38.42 PSSC the Krey'Akusu Regional Highway has been used to bypass Constancian territorial claims in central Eura. Misc. Akusu Regional Highway
The Saphir Bakery The Saphir Bakery Established in 39.00 PSSC, the Saphir Bakery is a company which specializes in the preparation and sale of various types of Saphir meat, and Saphir meat substitutes. Food
AqabahAccumulatedScrap Aqabah Accumulated Scrap Metal Export Company Established in 39.04 PSSC, the Aqabah Accumulated Scrap Metal Export Company oversees the export of some of the the scrap metal which was accumulated as a result of a Constancian military campaign aimed at de-constructing inactive Bassarid rail ways. Misc.
RailwayReliefFund Railway Workers Relief Fund Misc.
Soil Ranchers Guild Soil Ranchers Guild The Soil Ranchers Guild is a community of ranchers who earn their living in the region lying to the west of Zätosht known as the Plains of the Bull God, a vast tract of grassland which, under the right conditions, floods as many as three times year with a substance discharged from the soil itself, which bears a significant resemblance to cow milk. Those associated with the Soil Ranchers Guild are responsible for maintaining and protecting the soil, and for collecting and selling the "milk" which it produces. Misc.

Product Lists

Company Product Standard Price
Prices High Prices Normal Prices Low Prices Unchanging
Vayelon Indigo Export Company Indigo .05 Tons / Share .049/Share
Salt Mines of Shahzamin Salt 24 Tons / Share 21.6/Share
Vineyards of Izaire Izaire Tempranillo 6kl / Share 5.4/Share
Mitrani Reisling 4kl / Share 3.6/Share
Agents of Rey Spies .0055 / Share .0045/Share
Shadow Ports of Ebrahim Polis 1.75 / Share 1.57/Share
Eurani Stonecutter's Association Limestone 10 Tons / Share 9/Share
Truva Film Studio Feature Length Films TBA / Share X
Ebrahíama Arms Imports Florian Cocktail Kit 60/Share X
M14 Fragmentation Hand Grenade 50/Share X
M15 White Phosphorous Grenade 40/Share X
M18 Red Smoke Grenade 45/Share X
M1656 Demolition Kit (9.1 kg C4) 3/Share X
C1 WM17 Dispersal Grenade (9.1 kg C4) .001/Share X
Duranian Metal Collective Lead 22 Tons / Share 19.8/Share
Mine Guards .008 / Share .0072/Share
Automated Mine Guards .0035 / Share .003/Share
Jax Follies' Carriers of Goods Couriers .0085 / Share .0076/Share
Altsun Affiliate Spies .0075 / Share .007/Share
Informants .035 / Share .031/Share
Merchants .028 / Share .025/Share
West Ports Coal Company Sub-Bituminous Coal .9Tons / Share .81/Share
Iter Cereal Corporation Wheat 5 Tons / Share 4.5/Share
Oats 8 Tons / Share 7.2/Share
Confederacy of Arslahni Horse Ranchers Arabian Horses .25 / Share .225/Share
Ithon Tuna Cannery Conglomerate Canned Tuna 1.75Tons / Share 1.57/Share
Fresh Tuna .65Tons / Share .585/Share
Tuna Eggs .55Tons / Share .495/Share
Saphir Bakery Saphir Thigh Meat 20lbs / Share 18/Share
Saphir "Main Arm" Meat 10lbs / Share 9/Share
Saphir "Secondary Arm" Meat 8lbs / Share 7.2/Share
Saphir Brain Meat 1.5lbs / Share 1.35/Share
Saphir Skin Decorative Rugs .05 Rugs / Share .045/Share
Fermented Saphir Milk 40oz / Share 36/Share
Ho'nBoi Brand Burger Patties TBD / Share TBD/Share
Krey'Akusu Regional Highway Highway TBD/ Share TBD/Share
Aqabah Accumulated Scrap Metal Company Scrap Metal 15 Tons / Share 13.5/Share
Railway Workers Relief Fund Workers .4 / Share .36/Share

List of Titles (Truva Film Studio)

Title Director Producer / Studio Year of Release Synopsis / Notes Poster
The Kaiser, The Kitten Cónt Kitahyi Caß Truva Film Stuido 37.28 PSSC A live-action comedic retelling of the War of Lost Brothers in which the leaders of Shireroth, Natopia, and Caputia, are hilariously portrayed as cats, guinea pigs, and parrots, respectively.
Love of a Kind Twíazde hed Náil Truva Film Stuido 37.28 PSSC A romantic tragedy which explores the complex emotions experienced between members of a family of Natopians following their exposure to strange chemical weapons in Port St.Andre during the War of Lost Brothers.
The Fox-Tail Banä Maäz Truva Film Stuido 37.28 PSSC A historical drama which explores the extreme plight of the family of a member of the Fox-Tail Clan who, after being unjustly convicted of spying in support of the Bassarids, is tortured and executed by his own kinsmen.
Iron Minds Azdéub Naßse Kói Truva Film Stuido 37.28 PSSC A grim documentary which explores the struggles faced low-level government officials on the island of Leng as they attempt in vain to subvert the spread of the Bassarid religion amongst the slaves forced to work in the iron mines for which the arctic island is known.
Judah Hamä hed Wileciro Truva Film Stuido 37.42 PSSC Overcome by the pressures associated with his rapid rise to national prominence, a Caputian politican descends into a state of crippling paranoid delusion as he comes to suspect that all of his closest loved-ones are secret practitioners of Bassaridianism, a religion which he obsessively opposes.
The Council of Godmodders Vu Akáumäp Truva Film Stuido 37.60 PSSC A documentary exploring the nature of the quasi-fictional "Council of Godmodders," a purported agency of the Bassarid government which is responsible for interfering in the political, social, and economic affairs of nations such as Caputia.
Butyros Banä Maäz Truva Film Stuido 37.87 PSSC An intense psychological thriller about the plight of agents working for the Sacrifices of Butauros, who struggle at every turn to comprehend which side they're fighting for in the increasingly brutal, increasingly complicated Strait of Haifa Campaign. Butyros Poster
Fishing for Tripe Decle Äme Ämunos Truva Film Stuido/New Zimian Temple Authority 38.32 PSSC Produced in cooperation with the New Zimian Temple Authority is the debut film in a series of six educational documentaries which explores the health effects and myriad consequences of cannibalism. FishingforTripe
Eura Vu Akáumäp Truva Film Stuido 38.56 PSSC A documentary exploring the rapid growth of the growth of local economies across the Euran continent following the Second Euran War.
Second Arm Ranch Vu Akáumäp Truva Film Stuido 39.08 PSSC A documentary about Second Arm Ranch, a ranch in the Corasunt Archipelago which is regarded as the Haifo-Pallisican Imperial Trade Union's largest single producer of Safir meat..

List of Investors

Investor Name Shares Owned Percentage of Shares Owned
Council of Courts 9,692 2.52%
New Zimian War League 2,500 .65%
Region of the Center 2,031 .53%
Region of the East 1,315 .34%
Region of the West 2,955 .84%
New Zimian Temple Authority 2,000 .52%
Wallis Island 8,220 2.14%
Domain of the North Antarctic 900 .23%
Realm of Bayen 3,525 .92%
Realm of Redwood-Brugge 2,230 .58%
Dependency of Tanah-Baru 1,400 .36%
Eastern Eura Trade Association 620 .16%
New Zimian Merchant Marines 500 .13%
Realm of Alphaville 1,000 .26%
Passas 1,000 .4%
Zibertian Societies 0 .0%
Zimian Societies 0 .0%
Passasian Societies 0 .0%
Corum Electric 0 0%
Passasian Unincorporated Territory 0 .8%
Province of the River Erik 1,000 .26%
Blore Heath 0 0%
Jogi 0 0%
Mylecia 0 0%
Rouge 0 0%
Vaeringheim 0 0%
Pallisican Pretender Government of Elijah's Rest 0 0%
Florian Republic 0 0%
Corumian Underground 0 0%
Imab Army 0 0%
Hatch Ministry 0 0%
Pallisican Primary Contingency Zone 0 0%

Recent Employment Reports

Year Number of People Employed Total Paid in Wages Average Wages/Person Total Value of Company Production Modifier
39.60 PSSC 4,290,932 460,827 Polis .11 Polis 803,712 Polis Epidemic (-10%)
39.40 PSSC 4,267,285 463,393 Polis .11 Polis 803,712 Polis Drought (-50%)
39.20 PSSC 4,387,387 477,452 Polis .11 Polis 803,712 Polis Surplus (+40%)
39.00 PSSC 1,712,486 112,003 Polis .07 Polis 358.992 Polis Crime (-10%)
38.80 PSSC 1,711,562 103,587 Polis .06 Polis 339,048 Polis Heatwave (-30%)
38.60 PSSC 1,685,044 106,144 Polis .06 Polis 339,048 Polis Epidemic (-20%)
38.40 PSSC 974,595 83,914 Polis .09 Polis 259,272 Polis None (-0%)
38.20 PSSC 915,722 72,266 Polis .08 Polis 239,328 Polis Heatwave (-30%)
38.00 PSSC 709,517 58,261 Polis .08 Polis 219,384 Polis Heatwave (-50%)
37.80 PSSC 688,251 41,748 Polis .06 Polis 179,496 Polis None (100%)
37.60 PSSC 775,071 37,984 Polis .05 Polis 159,552 Polis Rebellion (-30%)
37.40 PSSC 462,260 39,250 Polis .08 Polis 159,552 Polis None (-00%)
37.20 PSSC 411,409 30,318 Polis .07 Polis 139,608 Polis Rebellion (-30%)
37.00 PSSC 428,873 31,878 Polis .07 Polis 428,873 Polis Heatwave (-50%)
36.80 PSSC 479,603 39,956 Polis .08 Polis 139,608 Polis None
36.60 PSSC 1,412,342 80,784 Polis .057 Polis 163,540 Polis Epidemic (-20%)
36.40 PSSC 756,115 43,276 Polis .057 Polis 118,515 Polis Heatwave (-30%)
36.20 PSSC 2,021,547 42,528 Polis .021 Polis 117,320 Polis Epidemic (-20%)
36.00 PSSC 2,412,826 42,554 Polis .02 Polis 117,320 Polis Surplus (+20%)