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State of Dalmacija

Xihaian Province

State of Great Apollonia
Flag of the State of Dalmacija
Location of State of Dalmacija on the map
Community Kildarian Community
Subdivision State
Capital Yuanbeicheng (Port Nevermore)
Largest cities Yuanbeicheng, Muxiecheng, Lubaolei, Houhangye
Area 2,458,080 km2
Population 98,799,077 (estimation in 1700)
Viceroy Li Qiang
Legislature Provincial Assembly of Dalmacija
Languages Common Tongue (administrative)
Jingdaoese (official)
Time Zone CMT-3
Driving side right

Coa Apollonian Empire small.png

The Jingdaoese province Xihaian - or Dalmacija - was created as a merger between the provinces Bangou and Qianjin by the Chidao Emperor in 1674 AN as part of the Zhou reform of the daor 402. It's the only State of Great Apollonia which makes up the Kildarian Community.


Its merger in 1674 AN went by relatively unnoticed, as administrators of both south and west kept operating mostly simultaneously due to tensions between the mostly Kildarian dominated bureaucracy in the north and Jing dominated bureaucracy in the south.

During the Post-Chidao Troubles, the region formed the backbone of the United Thanedom of Dalmacija under Mariusu Wusi: a breakaway region which received military and financial support from sympathetic corporate and political benefactors. Its leaders hoped to use renewed Kildarian patriotism - after more than 60 years of Great Jing domination - to launch a Second Benacian War for Kildarian Conquest. The attempt failed miserably, as the Gunbatsu Clique (remnants of the Jingdaoese armed forces) successfully defended Houhangye, where most of the gold reserves were located.

In 1700 AN, with the end of the armed conflict, both provinces were reunited as Dalmacija.


Dalmacija is the only Zhou within the Jingdaoese Community, which is split into three distinct cultural entities with their own regional representation. The three regions which make up Dalmacija are:

  • The River Warriors Autonomous Region (Jingbuzu)
  • Bangou: the northern part of the country.
  • Qianjin: the southern part of the country, responsible for much of its natural resources.


The State and its regions are divided into several districts with their own governor: Dulimaidao, Hounan, Huan, Jilin, Xiaochang, Umiqan, Qinuan, Qunzan, Saiqan, Shensi, Sichuan, Xizang.