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UGB Bureau of Sports

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Unified Governorates UGB Bureau of Sports
Founded 2019
FMF affiliation 2019
WMFA affiliation 2019
President Uri Segler

The UGB Bureau of Sports is the governing body for sport in the Unified Governorates of Benacia.

The Bureau of Sports is responsible for the organisation of the nation's football team and the regulation of its fighting pits. Where required the bureau will also organise demonstration teams in other sports where, for reasons of prestige, the UGB has felt obligated to participate in international competitions.


Office Office Holder Rank
Deputy-Director for Sport Uri Segler Ahmst Bræþstranin
Manager (1st Sporting (Association Football) Detachment) Gottbrand Valkor Ahmst Tazstraneï
Captain (1st Sporting (Association Football) Detachment) Artur Segler Ænst Fiþnan