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Talsin Baarrnan

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Talsin Baarrnan (1535–1602), born into a Toketi-descended Swnndyrrr community in Lontinien in 1535, was a Hurmu statesman, and senator (chairman, 1554–1558). Elected to the Senate in 1554 on a campaign on independence from Stormark, became its chairman the same year. Initiated constitutional reform which abolished the Senate in 1558 and replaced it with the Diet of Hurmu, and effected the independence of Hurmu.

Became Valde (then spelt Valdi) of Hurmu (lit. "the chosen one") in 1558 which was the combined chief executive and head of state. He held this position until 1561, when he resigned from politics, and led a quiet life devoting himself to the rearing and education of Oroigawa Kitsune (future Kaiser Reynardine II; the son of Kaiser Reynardine I and Gilrean Treebane), whom he took on as a foster child in 1553 (then newly born), as the father was incapacitated of grief due to the death of Lady Gilrean. Kitsune returned to Shireroth in 1573 to work in the civil service.

He and his siblings perished during the Hurmu genocide. The fate of his parents is unknown. He had a son, Kalasien, who survived, and had a child in turn, Rinne.

Preceded by:
Ionel Constantinescu
Head of State of Hurmu
Chairman of the Senate of the Lakes

Succeeded by
himself as Valdi
Preceded by:
himself as Chairman of the Senate
Valdi of Hurmu
Succeeded by
Daniel Kalirion