Ruthenian Republic

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The Ruthenian Republicc
Республика Русения

Flag of Ruthenia
Republic Flag
100px|Coat of Arms of Ruthenia
Republic Seal
Motto: 'Slava Rusj!'
Anthem: -
Capital city Rusjar
Largest city Rusjar
Official language(s) Zeedic Ruthenian
Official religion(s) Zeedic Orthodox
Demonym Ruthenian
  Adjective Ruthenian
Government Nominal Republic
 • President Vladim Vasyliovich Timoshenko
Legislature Rusjenyskij Duma
Establishment 11-VIII-1688
Area TBD
Population Unknown
Currency Zeedic Rubl (ZRL)
Abbreviation RUS
Driving side Left
Time zone(s) TBD
National animal Southern Euran Crane
National drink Rakija

The Ruthenian Republic (Zeedic Ruthenian: Республика Русения, romanized: Respublika Rusenija) is an Autonomous Republic within the Union of the Republics of Zeed, the home of the majority of the Ruthenian ethnic group within the Union. It is also home to the city of Rusjar, both the capitol of the republic and of the Union.


The demographics of the Ruthenian Republic are, as to be expected, a bit more diverse than the other republics of the Union. As the home of the capitol city - Rusjar - this means that while the majority of people within the republic are Ruthenian, large populations of nearly every ethnic, linguistic and historic background are present within its borders.

Ruthenians Outside the Republic

Outside of the immediate republic, there are are large portion of ethnic Ruthenians north-east of the Ashad Republic. While ethnically Ruthenian, they consider themselves Malirusenskiy, roughly translating to Crimson Ruthenians. They are considered devout Zurvanites, from a time when they were converted by the Babkhi to their religion.