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Ashad Republic

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Ashad Republic
الجمهورية الأشاد

Flag of Ashad Republic
Republic Flag
Coat of Arms of Ashad Republic
Republic Seal
Motto: 'We Take Up our Weapons for Liberty'
Anthem: Thabian Nasheed
Capital city Adabad
Largest city -
Official language(s) Ashadi Babkhi
Official religion(s) Zurvanism
Demonym Ashadi
  Adjective Ashadi
Government Decentralised clan structure
 • President Riza Thabian
Legislature -
Establishment 20.I.1689
Area TBD
Population Unknown
Currency Zeedic Rubl (ZRL)
Abbreviation ASH
Driving side Left
Time zone(s) TBD
National animal Goat
National drink Arak

The Ashad Republic (الجمهورية الأشاد) is one of the constituent autonomous republics of The Union of the Republics of Zeed. It is located in the rural South West of the country.


The Ashad Republic is governed by President Riza Thabian, head of the prominent Thabian clan. Thabian exercises his control over Ashad through family and business connections. The daily administration of the Republic is as such highly complex and often decentralised. Following The September Revolution, a political structure was established in the form of the 11 Khordad Alliance.


The main source of income for the Ashad Republic is the growth and production of traditional herbal remedies, particularly that of hashish and opium, which are grown in the region. Another significant contributor to the Ashadi economy is the import and export of weapons.