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Rossheim Dragoon Guards

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Rossheim Dragoon Guards
Rossheimisches Dragonergarde
Rossheim Dragoon Guards.svg
Active 1507-1660 AN
1702- AN
Country Etzeland
Allegiance Mondo
Branch Army
Type Guard Cavalry
Role Armoured Cavalry
Size One battalion
Garrison/HQ Neurossheim
Colonel of
the Regiment
Mondo Etzeterra

The Rossheim Dragoon Guards (Cibolan Saxon: Rossheim Dragonergarde) is an armoured cavalry regiment of the Etzelandic military. It is based in the city of Neurossheim.


The regiment was formed on 21.X.1608 AN by the merger of the Leichenbergish Lichguard Hussar Regiment with the Sangunese 1st Guard Cavalry Battalion.

The Lichguard Hussar Regiment was raised in 1593 AN as the 1st Lichguard Armoured Reconnaissance Battalion "Rossheim". It was redesignated as the 3rd Battalion, Lich Hussar Regiment on 18.IV.1597 AN, and expanded into a separate regiment in III.1598 AN.

The 1st Guard Cavalry Battalion was raised by the Viking Empire of Stormark as the 1st Overseas Regiment of Horse (Imperial Vaduz Lancers) in III.1507 AN. It became the 1st Treisenberger Regiment of Horse in I.1508 AN and, from VI.1516 AN, was also known as the Teutonic Knights. The regiment was transferred to the armed forces of the Kingdom of Riskai in VIII.1574 AN, and was subsequently incorporated into the Sangunese Imperial Guard in VIII.1583 AN.

The unit disintegrated during the collapse of the Kingdom of Leichenberg in 1660 AN, but was revived under its present name by Etzeland on 11.XIII.1702 AN.