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Reversionist Unity Front

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The Reversionist Unity Front (RUF) is a political clique originating in the Sovereign Confederation which was spawned from the union of several pro-Goldshire parties and movements in 1704 following the Second Congress of Chryse. It is one of the two largest factions which compose the Miþuï, the legislative body of the Sovereign Confederation (the other being the closely aligned Nationalist & Humanist Party). Policies championed by the RUF typically relate to confederate unity, a shared Suthergoldian and Wintergleamish sense of nationalist pride, limiting personal privacy, and the concept of legeslative supremacy. In 1711, party leader Brigen Aldef led a bipartisan constitutional coup which led to the Panopticon Reforms in the Miþuï and his ultimate election as President of the Realm’s General Staff. Aldef would use his victory to strengthen the Miþuï's grip on the realm and advance his own ambitions to retaining control over an increasingly centralized government by making a deal with the Cult of the Sacred Detonation to allow it's clergy to run for Speaker in the Szodansdron and Tephal Exclusion Zones, where their operations to resettle scoured lands make up a majority of the population.