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Politics of the Imperial State of Constancia

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The politics of the Imperial State of Constancia takes place in the context of a statist absolute monarchy, where the Basileus is the nominal fount of sovereignty and is both the head of state and the head of the government. Between the sovereign and the state however is interposed the personality of the Autokrator of Constancia. Decisions are, to a large extent, made on the basis of consultation among the senior officials of the Imperial Government, with input provided by Imperial Synklētos.

The business of government is dominated by the Autokrator of Constancia, who has built his rule via the control of patronage power over the governing and business elites of the nation, which had hitherto been divided by internal disputes and into factions. The members of the governing and business classes are the principal political actors allowed by the government. Political participation outside this select group is limited and it is only by advancement through service in the employ of the state or the Honourable Company that any person may be tolerated to enter into public life at the culmination of that service.

Government of the Imperial State

The Government of the Imperial State is the premier governance authority over the Imperial State of Constancia. This is led by the Mesazon, who is appointed by the Basilinna, and by tradition is the leader of the political faction that commands a majority in the Imperial Synkletos. The Mesazon also nominates the remainder of the Ministers, who are also appointed by the Basilinna, and like the Mesazon, all of them serve at her pleasure. By tradition, a new government is appointed at the inauguration of a new Imperial Synklētos, immediately after the Basilinna or Autokrator delivers the Speech from the Throne.

Ministers are primarily responsible to the Mesazon, but all of them, including the Mesazon, are collectively responsible to the to the Autokrator, who rules on behalf of the sovereign and possesses all of her prerogative powers.

Ministers are assisted by Deputy Ministers and other subordinates, who have duties designated by the Minister, and are appointed by the Minister and serve at the Minister's pleasure.