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Operation Môr Rhyddid

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Operation Môr Rhyddid
Part of Calbain Colonial Expansion, and overlapping with the Warring Islands Conflict
IFS Arcadia.jpg
The Cruiser IFS Arcadia crossing the Strait of Cibola
Date IX.1693 - current
Location Great Western Sea
Calbion Calbion
Sea Reavers
Green flag.png
Green Raiders
Commanders and leaders
Calbion Howard ab Fynn (High Admiral)
Calbion Jason ab Arthur (Chapter Admiral)
Units involved
Llynges Calbain
Calbain Colonists
Pirate fleets
Green Raiders
Casualties and losses
2 100+

Operation Môr Rhyddid (from the Calbic for: Sea of Freedom) is an ongoing expedition by the Llynges Calbain that seeks to counter the threat posed by a diverse variety of pirate groups and uphold the integrity of the High Seas. The Calbain government authorised the operation following a massive surge in piracy and the threat of violent activity posed by groups armed and instigated by Nationalist Humanist groups operating from the Unified Governorates of Benacia[1].

The Warring Islands Conflict and the Threat of Piracy

As part of the Operation, the Crown Colonies bordering the Western Sea were expanded, most notably Sant Martynn and Penn ar Bed. In addition, military bases and naval stations were established that could house significant components of the Calbain Navy, providing the opportunity to strike swiftly in case of pirate disturbances in the international waters.

The Operation should be regarded as a broad and long-term mission to increase peace and security in the Western Sea. As part of the Operation, Calbion assisted its allies Nova England and the South Sea Islands in the Warring Islands Conflict.

Colonisation of The Elfish Coast

Following the tentative victory of the Warring Islands coalition against the pirate forces, the Calbain aims were refocussed on colonising North Island. Due to its Menelmacari history, the Calbain dubbed this land the "Elfish Coast". In 1696, the upper coastal area was occupied by Calbain forces, and in the same year, the first wave of settlers emigrated from Cybwlach. Over the following years, the colony grew in size and extended to the whole of the Eastern coast of the North Island.

East Keltian Theatre

The collapse of Palesmenia and Nova England around the same time meant that a new threat was emerging from the West. Green tribes, who had conquered these two nations, were deemed to be potentially hostile. As especially Nova England had been an important ally of Calbion, the Calbain government made it a priority to push back in East Keltia. To this end, the Calbain forces reached a deal with the Adresians. Having encountered an expeditionary force of the Adresian navy, Admiral Jason ab Arthur decided to avoid confrontation and instead seek a settlement. Although the relationship between Calbion and the Ralgonics had been strained, they found themselves facing a common enemy and saw their interests align. An initial presence on East Keltia, just to the South of former Palesmenia, was established in the form of Porth Erynn.

  1. ^ Support alleged by the Calbain government and Warring Islands alliance, disputed by Raspur command