Mingshivist Order

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Holy Order of the Followers of the Teachings of the Mingshi Emperor
Mingshivist Order.png
Artist interpretation of Kai Ki leaving civilisation (from "Travels of Kai")
Country Jingdao
Founded 1645 AN
Headquarters Kai Ki Abbey, Qaoshan
Available for military service 17,800

The Mingshivist Order (or Holy Order of the Followers of the Teachings of the Mingshi Emperor) is a monastic catologian order founded in 6410 ASC to oppose heresy, promote the principles of Tianchaodao. The order is famed for its tradition of isolation and its beautiful abbeys.


The Mingshi Emperor heavily inspired monk Kai Ki.

The Order was founded during the early reign of the Mingshi Emperor in 1645 AN. The travelling monk Kai Ki had followed a flock of double headed eagles from the far western coast of Kildare, through the forests of Zhaoqin. In his diary, the monk tells about how one of the birds seemed to wait on the monk. When lost, the bird led him to a small lake or river, when he was tired, he found a safe place to hide.

This whole trip in solitude took eight months, and ended with his arrival at a summer residence of a rich nobleman. He was welcomed by the son of the local count, whose father was ill and would most likely not last long. Kai Ki - grateful for the warm welcome in dire times - offered to pray for the dying count.

Nothing helped, until he prayed to the portrait of the Mingshi Emperor. The nobleman recovered and - gratefully - donated a large sum of money and land to the monk. Following the example of the Emperor, who with several of His followers had departed to overseas, he established a monastic order which sought to isolate itself from the world.

Later in the Mingshi Emperor's reign signs of madness became apparent. The Order was convinced that this madness was the result of leaving the Path and remained convinced of His earlier teachings.


Grand Masters