Micras Basketball Association

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Micras Basketball Association
Sport Basketball
Founded 2013
No. of teams 8
Nation(s) Birgeshir Birgeshir (2)
Gerenia Gerenia (2)
Mercury Mercury (1)
North Antarctica North Antarctica (1)
Senya Senya (2)
Most recent champion(s) E.C. Elephants (1st title)
Founder Deniz Yürük

Micras Basketball Association (MBA) was an international basketball league in Micras.
The season consisted of a home-and-away schedule of 14 games, followed by a four-team playoff round. Semifinals series were best-of-five, and the finals series were best-of-seven. There was no relegation system in the league.

Current teams

Team Location
Dínamo Tawlkar Basketball Tawlkar, Gerenia
E.C. Elephants Northend, Senya
Jogasim Revolution BC Jogasim, Senya
Livingston Basketball Livingston, North Antarctica
Mëzal Viziers Mëzal, Birgeshir
SPL Társika Port Isherwood, Gerenia
UMBC Tow Law, Mercury
VSK Birgeshir Tsaloj's bedroom, Birgeshir


Year Winners Runners-up
2013 E.C. Elephants SPL Társika