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Manschūhōrian Phineaners

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This article is about the Phineaner subgroup in Manschūhōria. For the Phineaner dialect spoken in the territory, see Manschūhōrian Phineaner.
Manschūhōrian Phineaners
Ogheang Nayu Manshyūhōkoku
Ogheang Phineaner Manshyūhōkoku

Phineaner Manshyūhōria/ملايو منشوهوريا
Total population
Regions with significant populations
Phinbella Phinbella (Manschūhōria Manschūhōria and Oriental Hispanioéire Taemhwan Oriental Hispanioéire Taemhwan (Tsunadenai district))
Forajasaki Forajasaki (Sikin Sikin (Western Manschūhōria) and Tabui Tabui (Tamiang District))
Manschūhōrian Phineaner (native)
Phineaner (Phinbellan and Forajasakian)
Sangunese, Manschūhōrian Kyowa-go
Sunni Umraism (Shafi'i branch)
Related ethnic groups
Turkuhōrian Phineaners, Taemhwanian Phineaners, Phinbellan Phineaners, other Phineaners