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List of stadiums in Senya by capacity

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The following is a list of sports stadiums in Senya with a capacity of or greater than 10,000

Current stadiums

Stadium Location Team(s) Capacity Sport Notes
The Snakepit Svorgas Senya national football team 115,000 Association Football Biggest stadium in Senya
Moroni Sports Oval Moroni Moroni Monsters 68,200 Baseball
Revolution Road Jogasim Jogasim Revolution FC 64,000 Association Football
KB Stadium Kateki Blavisen Kateki Blavisen FK 53,900 Association Football
Air Senya Arena Lutsan Senya national women's football team 46,500 Association Football
ĴetsStad Dyas Dyas Scitenhima Ĵets FK 40,000 Association Football
Scitenhima Stad-Svorgas Svorgas Svorgas Scitenhima FK 33,500 Association Football
Dyas Hockey Centre Dyas Dyas Stiks HC
Senya national ice hockey team
22,000 Ice hockey Largest indoor arena in Senya
Politzëa Stadium Moroni Politzëa FK Moroni
Moroni RUFC
21,000 Association Football
Rugby Union
Eprat City Stadium Eprat Eprat City Harps FC
Eprat RUFC A
Eprat RUFC B
19,500 Association Football
Rugby Union
Svorgas FC Stadium Svorgas Svorgas FC 17,600 Association Football
MG Arena Magalatska Urzi Magalatska FK 16,200 Association Football Host stadium during the 2013 Senyan School International Tournament
Mahūti Stæ̈dëyūm1 Mahūti
Team Warriors
FC Mahūti
River Warriors national football team
15,000 American Football
Association Football
Largest stadium in the River Warriors' AR
Siks-bank Arena Svorgas Svorgas Knights FC 14,320 Association Football
Rangers Park Dyas Dyas Rangers FC 13,362 Association Football
Tiga national athletics stadium Tiga FK Tiga
FC Tiga Toroni
various Athletics competitions
11,800 Association Football
Host stadium during the 2012 and 2013 Senyan School International Tournaments
Jogasim Stadium Jogasim Spartak Jogasim FC
Jogasim RUFC
10,000 Association Football
Rugby Union
Svorgas Rugby Stadium Svorgas Senya national rugby league team
Svorgas RUFC A
Svorgas RUFC B
10,000 Rugby League
Rugby Union

Note: capacities written in italics are not all seater stadiums.

  • 1: Known as Stad Mahūti during association football fixtures