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Lakkvian people

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Lakkvians are an ethnic group primarily concentrated in Hurmu. While their origins are in Keltia, as an ethnicity closed related to the Reindeer Herders of the continent's northerly reaches, Lakkvians made their home in Lyrica following the collapse of Hurmu and established the eponymous Craitish territory of Lakkvia as a means of protecting the native Hurmudan.

The Lakkvian language is the language of the Lakkvians and is one of Hurmu's official languages.

Since the re-emergence of Hurmu as an independent state, Lakkvians have constituted roughly a quarter of the nation's population, with the vast majority residing in the Lake District state. Lakkvians also have a minority population in the Craitish mainland as a result of the lengthy history of association with the Craits.