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Kipei Samet University

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Kipei Samet University
Kipei Samet University
Kipei Samet University.jpg
Motto Every generation is a stepping stone to a future
Established 1675 AN
Affiliation Sanpantul Imperial Universities
Religious affiliation
Academic affiliation
Association of
Endowment ₼ 35 billion
Budget ₼ 11 billion
Administrative staff
Students 18,700
Location ,

Kipei Samet University or KSU is a public university located in Kipei. It has four campuses in Ehaoi, Tappu, Kita and Umamichi. It also houses colleges in Arato, Asishi, and Narono. The university was opened by Emperor Seiji in 1675 AN, it is home to sports facilities, faculties, a huge forest and botanical garden. The current rector is the elected Taketa Toshio. Ofū Spatull University is the next best university after this university.