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Kaiseress Viviantia

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Kaiseress Viviantia
Vivantia Mortis
Former Kaiser of Shireroth
Began 1469
Ended 1470
Predecessor Kaiser Mors I
Successor Kaiser Mors II
Imperial Bloodline Mortis
Physical description
Gender Female
Biographical information
Father Kaiser Mors I
Issue Kaiser Mors II
Date of death Unknown
Place of death Treesia

Kaiseress Viviantia is the second Kaiser in the Line of Mortis. Unlike many other Kaisers whose rules end in death or abdication, Kaiseress Viviantia is one of the few rulers of Shireroth whose rule came to an end due to insanity.

Legend has it that the Kaiseress was endowed particularly strongly with the Essence of her namesake god, and for some unknown reason, the life goddess withdrew this essence from the Kaiseress causing her to go mad. Her son took on the throne, and ensured her removal from it. It is not known exactly what happened to her after she left the throne; it is believed that she eventually made her way to Treesia where she eventually died of old age.

During her reign, Shireroth achieved formal independence from Tymaria. She was Shireroth's first kaiseress for 364 years.

Preceded by:
Kaiser Los I
Kaiseress of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Kaiser Mors II