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Jan II

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King Jan II was king of 's Koningenwaarde.

Despite his father's zeal, Jan II loved partying more than working. He left the reigning to his advisors, who tried to assassinate the king several times. The population was kept sweet by games and parties. The full treasury became empty and Jan II had to take action to turn the tide. He threatened his neighbours and by means of payments his neighbours were left alone. In reality, the army was more drunk than sober and therefore the defence was mainly based on big talk.

After a small group of knights from Vinandy made a successful attack on one of the border posts, the weakness of 's Koningenwaarde became clear. A massive invasion by all neighbouring countries threatened. Because the neighbouring countries could not agree on the attack and the division after the victory they thought they would achieve, no unity was formed. According to strategists, this saved the kingdom from collapse. Jan II's son, Alfred I, was a general and effectively defended the kingdom against invasions.

Jan II died in a strange way, there are rumours that the wife of Jan II was the murderer, but that is not clear. Alfred I succeeded Jan II as King of 's Koningenwaarde.