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Alfred I (Batavia)

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King Alfred I was king of the Kingdom of 's Koningenwaarde.

After the possible murder of his father Jan II, Alfred I became king. He was already a famous general and saved the kingdom from invading neighbours. Despite being at the front during his father's death, he did not want to return to the city to be crowned. He was therefore crowned in a chapel in Esh. Since there were rumours that his mother had murdered his father, he banished his mother to Palensteyn.

In a great meeting of all the neighbouring countries and Alfred I himself, peace was concluded. The king was subjected to reparations. Alfred I creatively managed to open trade routes with other countries, such as Ingelburg, Zeesluys and Hoorne. There was even said to be a trade route to Gasconje. Trade was so brisk that the tax burden on the town's citizens was very light, and Alfred I was able to focus on building large structures.

He first repaired and improved the defences. The roads, which had not been paved since the Benecian era, were paved again. New buildings were built in the city, such as the Royal Palace, the Reghthuys and the Forum building. Only a few remains of all these buildings have been found, but it is clear that they were of great prestige to the city.

The death of Alfred I was not a surprise, but it was a great loss. Alfred I's son, Edward I, succeeded him as King.