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Jan I

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King Jan I, or Jan without a name, was king of the Kingdom of 's Koningenwaarde.

The origin of Jan I is rather unclear. He called himself the righteous descendant of Julius Civilis, and founded House of Civilis. After investigation, this family almost certainly has no connection with Julius Civilis and his descendants. That is also the reason why Jan I is also called "Jan without a name".

In the later written Chronicles of 's Koningenwaarde it is recorded that Jan I was a general in one of the armies of 's Koningenwaarde. In one of the many battles that 's Koningenwaarde conducted against the surrounding countries, he performed several heroic deeds. In the chronicles, some heroic deeds are attributed to him, but whether these heroic deeds were really performed by him cannot be said for sure. Around 300 Jan I succeeded in becoming Stadtholder of 's Koningswaarde. Through his martial skills and prestige among the people and the army he was able to stabilise 's Koningswaarde.

During his reign, several defences were erected and neighbouring countries began to fear him. Although 's Koningenwaarde was not large, in a short time it had become the most important city of the Batavian countries. After the fortifications were completed and he had organised a party, he went on the warpath. He was the first to move towards the King's Bay, which enabled him to control a harbour and thus attack the town of Zegweart by sea. With the battle that was fought and won, John I succeeded in shifting the border to the Meuse. This constituted a major threat to the Duchy of Davignon.

Not much later, Jan I waged war again, this time with Batavorum. Despite the relatively easy victory, he did not want to proceed to the city of Batavorum itself. He felt that his conquests should not lead to an impossible task of defence. This made it clear that John I was not just a warlord, but certainly a brilliant strategist.

After the return of Jan I and his army from the campaigns against Batavorum, John I was applauded by the population of 's Koningenwaarde. Some citizens had made a crown which John I put on when he entered the city. Not much later he crowned himself King of 's Koningenwaarde. John I married the daughter of one of his advisors and they had a son Jan II. This son succeeded Jan I after his death.