Imperial Autobahn 1

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Imperial Autobahn 1 is the oldest and most famous highway of the Imperial Autobahn system in Jingdao. It stretches from Sheng in the southwestern district of Anhui in the province of Qaoshan, formerly Zhaoqin, to Driftwood in the Alriggian Autonomous Zone. This is the most populous and industrial area of Jingdao, but also has beautiful national parks such as the Zijinlin which The final terminus of the highway used to be Oudstad, before it was abandoned during the Jingdaoese-Alriggian War, that also led to the destruction of the famous Erazm Bridge.

The road passes through the capital city Daocheng and the important harbour of Gangdiguo. The highway is one of the busiest in Jingdao, especially the section between Daocheng and Gangdiguo sees a lot of traffic and is infamous during rush hours but not even quiet during the night as the trucks with sea containers keep rolling from the harbour towards the capital. Driving the entire stretch of the highway from Sheng towards Driftwood and seeing all the cities that are located at the highway is a popular way for young Jingdaoese to better learn the country they grew up in. Truck drivers sometimes decorate their trucks with stickers that can only be bought in shops in Sheng and Driftwood, to prove that they have traversed the entire length of the highway with their rigs.

In popular culture, the road is mentioned in several songs by popular Jingdaoese artists. Singer-songwriter Tang Lin for example sang in her song "Anything for you", that she would "Travel the 1 daily" for her lover. A documentary by the Union Jing Broadcast that followed truck drivers and other natives of the road has become a cult classic.

The road has several nicknames of which "Ribbon of the coast" is the most famous, an other is "Main street of Jingdao". It is also often just simply called the "One".