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Fictional and non-fictional history of Kildare are strongly aligned with each other. From the New Era and onwards, information are without a doubt facts and dates should be right. See the A.R.S.E.-page for more details on recent history.

Fictional History of Kildare

All dates are in ASC, with b before the number indicating a date before 0 ASC.

The Apollonian Tribes

??? bASC - ??? bASC

Foundations of Apollonia

??? bASC - ??? bASC

The Apollo Cavern Age

8927 bASC - 4022 bASC

  • b8927 - Aka'Kas Ran'Tar finishes his chronicles of the Micron people, including the knowledge of magic. He travelled to the Apollo Cavern, located near where the Temple of Apollo used to be over 50 years earlier. In this cavern, he placed his history into "Concept Boxes" - A perfect universal translator, one who activated the box could quickly learn everything inside with perfect memory clarity.
  • b7500 - Construction for the Tower of Airosamente begin. More and more immigrants seek their hail in the Audente lands and are used as cheap labour forces.
  • b7373 - The Tower of Airosamente is finished. But crop failures, loss of technology and shortages of raw materials contributed to the collapse of the empire and its capital (Airosamente). Audentior collapsed and the people who had once sought refuse in these safe lands moved across the world.
  • b4763 - The people of the island of Solaria choose Iason I as the sole ruler of the island continent. The Kingdom of Jasonia is founded.
  • b4153 - Using the power of vast arcane magics, the Kingdom of Jasonia is brought into the sky. King Jason XI declares the nation to be isolationist in its aim for supreme arcane knowledge.

The Rise of Audentior

4023 bASC - 3833 bASC

  • b4023 - Ming Leonarkos, the popular politician of the Democracy of Airosamente, is elected King Ming I of the city-state, as the government changes from a Democracy to a Monarchy. He renames the city-state to Audentior, with the goal to rule over the entire region of Audentior. The bloodline of Leonarkos is born.

The Glorious Empire Age

3832 bASC - 212 bASC

  • b3832 - King Markos II is declared Emperior of Audentior And Her Surrounding Lands by the Airosamente Tetrapole, having granted supreme power after the success of the latest campaign against the barbarians.
  • b2768 - The final war between Jasonia and Audentior breaks out and is quickly settled, quite abruptly. Audente Ultima mages unleash their power on the flying island kingdom, blasting Jasonia out of the sky. The Kingdom of Jasonia, crippled by the suprise attack, is easily conquered by Audentior.

The Years of Unrest

213 bASC - 1 bASC

  • b213 - Blackrock, a province of Audentior, holds a meeting of regional leaders. They realize that the provinces have advanced far past the Audentior mainland in terms of technology. As well, magic has become more difficult to use over the ages, up to the point where it simply was more efficient to explore technology further, rather than magic. Many wish to see an independent Blackrock country once again. Unrest in Blackrock begins and spreads throught the region.
  • b194 - A serious riot occurs in the Blackrock city of Booterstown as the residents demand provincial rights. The rebellion is quelled by the Magical Knights, with thousands of unarmed protesters killed.
  • b179 - The faraway province of Universalis, on the Tapfer continent, is granted semi-autonomy as the Magical Knights are forced to quell with unrest in the provinces on the mainland.
  • b127 - The Revolution of Audentior formally begins. Blackrock, Demesos, Bellatorian, and MyNation provinces rebel against the Kingdom of Audentior and form a temporary alliance to protect their individual freedoms. Audentior Magical Knights fight against the more technologically advanced provinces. Most of the fighting occurs in Blackrock as an example to the rest of the provinces. Blackrock suffers many military defeats at the hands of the Magical Knights.
  • b106 - Demesosian and Bellatorian provincal armies win a great victory in Pinkania and liberate the region. Duke Pinky is removed, but because he sympathized with the provinces is allowed to live and becomes a local provincal commander.
  • b99 - Automatica is liberated after a long struggle. Pinkania becomes a region of Automatica. Most of the Magical Knights are defeated in the campaign.
  • b89 - Second seige on Airosamente. Airosamente conquered. King Ming XXXXVIII executed. The Kingdom of Audentior falls and the Ultimate Republic is formed.
  • b88 - Many provinces realize that the Ultimate Republic is the same as the Kingdom of Audentior in the fact that it controls the whole world. In the chaos surrounding the formation of the new state, mainland Audentior and Automatica (including Pinkania) secede to form the Gracian Kingdom. War begins anew, but ends after the signing of a ceasefire later in the year.
  • b23 - The Emperors, an organization to reunify the nations, is created by StudlÃ¥m and is based in the Audente town of Epoli. They are violently opposed by provincal nationalists.

The Rise of the Apollo Sector

0 ASC - 212 ASC

  • 0 - The Apolyton Nation is founded by the unification of the Gracian Kingdom and the United Republic, with the efforts of the freedom fighting group, the Emperors, who kidnapped the King of the Gracian Kingdom in order to force the treaty.
  • 70 - Because of the vast amount of crime and disorder in Apolytown, the city of Apolytown is razed by the Apolyton army, in a hope to start the city anew. Mass riots occur in other Apolyton Nation cities because of this atrocity.
  • 81 - The Apolytonian government collapses. Apollonia is in anarchy by the loss of a regional government.
  • 88 - The city of Apolytown is refounded.
  • 113 - Audentior offically declares independence from Apolyton Nation, taking the former provinces of Audentior, Automatica, and Pinkania.
  • 144 - The United Demesos is founded on the ashes of the former Apolyton province of Demesosia.
  • 167 - The people of Automatica vote to secede from Audentior, taking Pinkania with it.
  • 179 - AIN Elections begin. Blackrock is founded.
  • 181 - AIN Elections end.
  • 194 - The Audentior PSI Corps are created.
  • 196 - The Automatic War starts as the United Demesos declares war on Automatica in order to liberate the country from its dictator, John Sager.
  • 197 - The Flying Islands of Jasonia are founded as the island of Pinkania rises from the ground by its newly installed Antigrav engines and declares independence from Automatica.
  • 199 - Communist rebels from Automatica successfully split from the nation, forming the Great People's Republic in the chaos.

The Dark Ages

213 ASC - 340 ASC

  • 213 - The remnents of Automatica proper rejoin with the GPR to form the Great Automatic People's Republic.
  • 223 - MyNation is invaded and annexed jointly by the United Demesos and Blackrock.
  • 226 - Audentior changes government systems, as Evon von Christoph is named Chancellor of Audentior and its dominions.
  • 228 - Chancellor Evan von Christoph makes sweeping changes to the Audente infrastructure, effectively making Audentior an Empire.
  • 232 - Audentior goes into an alliance with the United Demesos. Both Audentior and the United Demesos attempt to annex Acolia.
  • 233 - Skirmish in Acolia. ACOLers offers stiff resistance to Audente presence. Former Prime Minister of Audentior, MarkL, creates an opposition government to the new Audente Empire.
  • 237 - Gene Saquid, a veteran government offical of Audentior, resigns from all government positions. Audentior begins to rapidly decline as a power.
  • 239 - The Demesosian War begins. The United Demesos invadees the GAPR and gains major ground, but a massive counterattack by the Jasonians and Automatics push the Demesosian Army back into the UD and manage to capture Demesos City. Start of the downfall of the United Demesos.
  • 242 - The powerhouse nation of Attera, watching over the sector quitely from the east, decides to make a move and captures the remote Audente provinces of Telikos and Aryvel. Citing a need to protect the territories from invevitable anarchy of the collapsing Audentior, few are able to protest at the awesome power of Attera. Blackrock, the sole remaining power of Apollonia, decides to not intervene.
  • 245 - A rebel army manages to recapture most Demesosian cities from the Jasonian and Automatic occupation, but it is too late. The UD had suffered massive damage, both in population and infrastructure. The territory is too poor to form a functional nation, and as a result, the territory is made a protectorite of Demesosia's former allies, Blackrock. The Demesosian part of MyNation is incorperated completely into Blackrock MyNation.
  • 262 - Beginning of the Third Era in Shireroth.
  • 278 - Foundation of a new Audentior as Shireroth, Jasonia, Tapfer, and Hyperborea merge. The Jasonian islands are grounded as a large amount of immigrants from the merged nations land in Airosamente for a new life.
  • 296 - Automatica votes itself to be annexed to Blackrock.
  • 324 - Riots in Audentior.
  • 340 - Beginning of the collapse of Audentior. Shireroth secedes from Audentior.

The Golden Age of Jasonia

341 ASC - 491 ASC

  • 341 - Jasonia secedes from Audentior.
  • 342 - A coup is performed in the collapsing Audentior by pro-Christophians with the help of the Blackrock military, disposing Bill Dusch from his position as President, creating a new Audente Empire under rule of a descendent of Evan von Christoph. Tapfer secedes from Audentior as a result of this, claiming Audentior's capital of Airosamente on the way. There is a state of war between the Tapferites and the Audente Imperialists over the capital.
  • 344 - Shireroth is annexed into Jasonia.
  • 348 - Tapfer is annexed into Jasonia. In an attempt to stop the war with the Imperial faction in Audentior, Tapfer officals, with the help of fellow Jasonians, install antigravity engines into the city of Airosamente, creating a new flying island and preventing further attacks on the city. The ruins surrounding the former landed area of Airosamente are consolidated under the Imperialist power, founding a new city, Apollo City.
  • 349 - The area surrounding the city of Setauket in Tapfer is also made into a flying island. However, part of the lifted terrain under the land crashes back down into the sea, causing a tidal wave that caused massive damage to the nearby Tapferite shore, severely affecting the city of Tembuh. The crashed land turned out to be hollow, and becomes to be known as The Crater.
  • 351 - Hyperborea is annexed into Jasonia.
  • 355 - The Audente Imperium under Evan II collapses. In an effort to aid the failing region of Apollonia, Jasonian forces occupy Audentior to restore order to the nations affected by the collapse of Audentior.
  • 357 - The Confederation of Hau'Oli'Ena is annexed into Jasonia.
  • 359 - The nation of Treesia takes a claim to MyNation, provoking an international incident with Blackrock.
  • 360 - A holiday and fair is celebrated in Jasonia, celebrating the 9-year anniversary of the annexation of Hyperborea.
  • 386 - The Flying Islands of Jasonia changes its name to Aeronesia.
  • 396 - Aeronesia joins the League of Micronations, gaining contact with various micronations in other parts of Micras.
  • 405 - Erik Metzler is banned from Aeronesia in a decision by its national court. The province of Antarctica secedes from Aeronesia, forming the People's Republic of Hell.
  • 406 - Treesia annexed to Blackrock.
  • 408 - The Lukewarm war is announced between Aeronesia and the People's Republic of Hell.
  • 411 - Erik Metzler is unbanned from Aeronesia.
  • 413 - Hau'Oli'Ena secedes from Aeronesia, igniting the Infernal War.
  • 418 - Aeronesia changes its name back to the Flying Islands of Jasonia.
  • 422 - Infernal War ends with the signing of the Treaty of the Gods. The Flying Islands of Jasonia is declared the winner.
  • 423 - As part of the spoils of war, the Flying Islands of Jasonia annexes Norfolk. The Infernal Age ends.
  • 426 - Thomas Hubert accuses the Flying Islands of sponsoring of various terrorist attacks in the People's United Republic.
  • 435 - Secretary-General Shane T. Odlum resigns from his position in Blackrock. He disbands the nation, giving Automatica and Treesia as gifts to high-position Blackrock officals. The nation doesn't take it lightly, however, and goes into anarchy.
  • 436 - A small area of former Blackrock manages to restore order, forming Blackrock Nua; it is located northwest of the border of Automatica.
  • 438 - The Barony of Treesia is founded by Eoin Dornan, one of Odlum's gifts. It merges the Barony of Fabon nearby, which had become independent immediately before Treesia's annexation into Blackrock, creating the Barony of Treesia and Fabon.
  • 448 - The Three Hour's War occurs as the People's United Republic (Paramount area) is invaded. Hubert is exiled from the Apollo Sector. Mar Sara is annexed into the Flying Islands of Jasonia. Automatica, which Hubert claimed as a result of a dispute with Orion over the gifts from Blackrock, is given to Orion. Orion gives control of Automatica to Jasonia. PUR proper is given to the Barony of Treesia and Fabon, which renames the area Erior.
  • 449 - Due to the overpopulation of Airosamente Island, the island is moved near Automatica to allow easy immigration to Automatica, now controlled by Jasonia. This is the beginning of New Jasonia.
  • 454 - The Union of Apollo States is formed from the various ashes of Apollonia. This is enforced by the control of . The first two areas in Apollonia to offically swear allegiance are Hai'Oli'Ena and Blackrock Nua. Hau'Oli'Ena renames itself to the State of Gong Li, the name of its main island.
  • 459 - Southern Automatica is made an offical state of the Union of Apollo States, calling itself New Jasonia due to the huge influx of Jasonian immigrants. The historical city of Temoe is renamed to New Kajar and is made the capital of the new state.
  • 460 - Treesia gives its area of Erior to form a new Apollonian state.
  • 462 - The Atteran province of Lesser Attera, formerly the Audente territories of Telikos and Aryvel 200 years earlier, joins the Union of Apollo States.
  • 467 - The Istvanistani province of Novi Dalmajica joins the Union of Apollo States.

The Decline of the Apollo Sector

492 ASC - 704 ASC

  • 492 - The UAS Riots occur.
  • 498 - The UAS Rebellion occurs. The Union of Apollo States declines into anarchy.
  • 503 - The Apollo Revolution occurs in the UAS and the FIoJ. Various terrorist attacks occur in both nations.
  • 506 - Dimensional World War. Sun Tower (City of the Sun) opened and the Wind Song is removed. Pure Evil escapes Eclipse and travels back in time. Wind Song becomes part of the Elemental Seal. Microns begin showing up. Sai’Kar sacrifices herself to trap Pure Evil in the City of the Sun.
  • 508 - With the FIoJ military deployed out of Jasonia, Yardistani armies come into Jasonia and start looting the nation.
  • 509 - Shireroth lays claim to the island of Amity. Relations between the FIoJ and Shireroth become tense as the FIoJ-RS cold war begins.
  • 513 - The former lands of the UAS is annexed into Shireroth as the new Dutchy of Kildare. Around this time, the nation of Umoja collapses.
  • 516 - Amity Land Crisis. A compromise on Amity occurs as Shireroth offically annexes Amity.
  • 524 - The New Automatic Republic is formed.
  • 527 - The end of the cold war between Jasonia and Shireroth. Project 6 is formed to improve the FIoJ. Begin of Economic Boom.
  • 528 - A new holiday, Switching Day, is created in Jasonia.
  • 531 - Dark One campaign. Pure Evil corrupts Bill Dusch, who takes over the FIoJ. Resistances forces defeat him, rescue Bill, and destroy Pure Evil in one of mankind's greatest battles against the forces of darkness.
  • 549 - After years of looting and the downfall of the nation, President Jason Steffke resigns from his position as President.
  • 595 - Infernals invade Micras. Almost all resistances forces are crushed. Jason Steffke, Erik Metzler, and Eoin Dornan form underground gurilla resistance movements.
  • 596 - Beam of Hope campaign. Massive allied resistance forces recapture Jasonia and defeat the Infernal last stand at Fort Audentior. Infernals are moped up by regional forces. Sai'Kar Lum'Eth rediscovers Ptia and meets Amy and Empress there.

The Legend of Apollo

705 ASC - ??? ASC

  • 705 - The Shireroth-Jasonia War. The tensions between the rising nation of Shireroth and the falling empire of Jasonia climaxes as Shireroth invades the nation of Shireroth. After days of bombing, Shireroth finally wins by destroying the Antigrav engines of Nelaga, crashing the island to the ground and killing millions. The other islands crash down as well in a coordinated effort by Shireroth. Whatever survivors there were in Jasonia are exiled to Tapfer and found a new city there named New Jasonia.

The Lost Age

??? ASC - c.2850 ASC

For a long period of Kildare's history all records have been lost. Some fear a disease that historians were particularly susceptible to, and others the burning of the Halucigrad Library. Whatever the reason, for now, we have no idea what happened in this period. In this time, Kildare's land became what it is today. It also witnessed the decline of Antica.

The Dark Age

c.2580 ASC - 3004ASC

  • c. 2580 - A plauge, starting in the Raynor Isles, begins to spread.
  • 2587 - Key historical texts are taken from surrounding counties to the Island of Melangia for safe keeping.
  • 2590 - Plauge has spread to the western half of Kildare. Many people die.
  • c.2600 - Plauge rages unabated across virtually all of Kildare. Island of Melangia, so far away, avoids it.
  • 2601 - Last known contact between Melangia and mainland Kildare for over 400 years.
  • 2611 - To avoid plauge, Temple of Ryvenna is closed. Forest begins growing around it.
  • 2623 - Plauge has run its course. Over a third of the population has been killed. The Hallucigrad Empire has collpased, though the heir is said to have found refuge on a Straylightian sanct. Duchal power continues in the mainland, to a degree, but the islands lose contact. They retreat to county govenors only.
  • 2624 - Economic depression sets in. Much technology is reverted to basic agriculture.
  • c.2650 - Melangian Seers gain dominance over local populace. A Saviour from the North is predicted.
  • c.2700 - Depression is over, production begins to pick up again. County govenors still have total control.
  • c.2800 - Background levels of magic radiation increase. Forest around the Temply of Ryvenna grows even bigger.
  • c.2900 - Technology has, in general, returned to the level before the fall. The Duchy begins to reunite.
  • 3004 - Jonas is proclaimed Duke and takes the name Dutch Jonas I. Dark Age officially ended.

New Era

3005 ASC - Present

  • 3005 - Strange old man comes from the North, and lands in Melangia.
  • 3016 - Andreas the Wise comes from Melangia to the mainland of Kildare, and speaks with the Duke about it.
  • 3026 - Struggle begins between Kildare and Yardistan for control of the Island of Melangia. Battles rage.
  • 3028 - Melangia firmly placed in Kildare.
  • 3031 - The Ducal Governement is formed by Duke Jonas I. The local powers of the Counts is reduced. If time goes beyond, the power of the Duke is growing and even reaches a kind of absolutism, what's weird because there is for the first time in the Kildarian history a council of Barons with real power (the Seanad).
  • 3344 - Duke Jonas proclaims the promotion of the (new) city of Mons Clistiro to the coronation city of the Duchy. From now on Kildarian Dutches (Dukes) needs to be crowned in this city before they can actually rule. This makes the city strategical very important.
  • 3352 - Crusade to the Holy Lands (Apollo City and surrounding territories). Creation of the County of Audentior as part of the Barony of Antya.
  • 3428 - After more then 400 years ruling the nation, Dutch Jonas I steps down and hand over the power to baron Andreas the Wise, who accepts and becomes Andreas I.
  • 3729 - Jonas II is crowned Dutch of Kildare.
  • 3791 - William I is crowned Dutch of Kildare.
  • 3817 - The construction of the Zygus Qamil, a defensive line to protect the eastern borders of Kildare, begins.
  • 3871 - Jonas III is crowned Dutch of Kildare.
  • 4022 - The construction of the Zygus Qamil ends. Jonas does a proposal to create a standing army which is directly loyal to the Dutchy and could guard the borders: the Kildarian Defence Forces.
  • 4153 - Jonas IV is crowned Dutch of Kildare.
  • 4243 - Carl I is crowned Dutch of Kildare.
  • 4563 - Giles I is crowned Dutch of Kildare.
  • 5141 -
    • After a small-scale invasion and coup d'état by Taodosius I Myksos, Ignatia I is captured and locked up on the isle of Mons Clistiro. The Seanad accepts the reign of Taodius in return of him not disbanding the Seanad.
    • At the same moment, the barbarous Garllic Empire from the Apollonian plains breaks through the Zygus Qamil and starts pillaging the villages and cities of Kitanus Fields (see: Garllic War).