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HRM King August Charles II, Gotzborg's current monarch.

The present King of Gotzborg is August Charles II, who is also the founder and cultural architect of the Kingdom. Ruling since 1989, King August Charles II has led Gotzborg with a fair, even and progressive hand throughout his reign, guiding it to become one of the most respected micronations in the Anglophone Simulationist Community.

In Gotzborg cultural lore, King August Charles II is the nineteenth sovereign of the Kingdom since its formation. To view a gallery of past sovereigns, please click here.

Structure of the Royal House

The Royal House consists of all individuals who have a blood or marital relation to His Royal Majesty. It also includes members of the former Pendronian Royal Family, who became members of the Royal House upon that micronation's annexation by Gotzborg on December 7, 2004. The role of each member of the Royal House is summarized below.



Kingslsr2.png The King The Sovereign and head of the Royal House. The King also holds Estates as dictated by tradition and the Constitution.
Qnslsr.png The Queen Consort The wife of the King is the second in the Royal House. The Queen Consort does not hold any peerages unless as Head of State.
Crnprc.png The Royal Crown Prince/Princess The Royal Crown Prince/ess is the heir to the throne and may be the eldest child of the monarch or any person named by the Sovereign. The Crown Prince/ess holds the Archduchy of Aremberg.
Rylprc.png Royal Prince/Princess A Royal Prince/ess, while part of the Royal House, may be a child of the Sovereign or otherwise a person named by the Sovereign. A Royal Prince/ess does not hold any peerages unless so given by the Sovereign.

Members of the Royal House

As of September 1, 2016, the following individuals are members of the Royal House, in order of precedence:

  1. His Royal Majesty, King August Charles II
  2. Her Royal Majesty, the Queen Consort, Caroline of Gotzborg
  3. His Royal Highness, Prince Ryan of Gotzborg
  4. Her Royal Highness, Princess Julia of Gotzborg
  5. His Highness, the Archduke of Pendronia, Prince Steven

The Royal Household

His Majesty's Royal Household is the group of persons responsible to the King for running His private and personal affairs and ensuring support and assistance to the King whenever required. Many of the positions are ceremonial more than anything. The Royal Household is made up of a total of eight positions, plus a number of individuals who are appointed as King's Counsellors:


Current Holder

House cham.gif Lord Chamberlain Vacant
House stew.gif Lord Steward Vacant
House cons.gif Lord Constable The Duke of Montin
House prot.gif Lord Protector General of Cavalry Sir Hugh O'Neill
Lord Keeper of the Royal Seal Sir Hyderus Adrianus
Artist to the Royal Court & King's Painter Sir Bjorn Olsen
House ADC.gif Aide-de-Camp to His Royal Majesty Vacant
House guard.gif Officer Commanding of the Royal Household Guard Vacant
King's Counsellor List of King's Counsellors

Royal Household Honours

There are three Royal Household Medals & Awards, listed below in order of precedence, which may be bestowed on members of the Royal Household at His Royal Majesty's discretion.


Honour Name

RHOR.gif Royal House Order of Reichlau
RHDS.gif Royal Household Distinguished Service Medal
RHSM.gif Royal Household Service Medal


His Royal Majesty's Full Title

His Royal Majesty August Charles II, By the Grace of God King of Gotzborg, Archduke of Reichlau, Grand Duke of Lucerne, Marshal of the Union of Seven Nations, Lord of the Border Marches, Admiral of the Southern Reaches, Duke & Elector of Jutien, Protector of Anthelia, Count Kendal.

Addressing the King

In official or formal correspondence, the King is to be referred to as His Royal Majesty or, if the King is the addressee of the correspondence, as Your Royal Majesty. Informally, the King is to be referred to as His Majesty or Your Majesty.

Addressing Members of the Royal House / Nobility


Form of Address

King of Gotzborg His Royal Majesty
Queen Consort Her Royal Majesty
Royal Crown Prince/ess His/Her Royal Highness
Royal Prince/ess (By Blood) His/Her Royal Highness
Royal Prince/ess (By Appointment) His/Her Highness
Archduke / Grand Duke / Duke Your Grace
Count Your Lordship / Ladyship
Royal Chancellor Your Lordship / Ladyship
Lord/Lady Justice Your Worship
Minister of State Your Excellency
Vice-Minister of State Your Honour
Lord Mayor Your Lordship / Ladyship
Knight/Dame Sir/Lady
Citizen Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss
Cardinal Your Eminence

Post Nominals

The Royal Kingdom maintains an extensive system of Post-Nominals designated by the King as follows:

Post-Nominals of Gotzborg
Title Post-Nominal
State Offices
Privy Counsellor PC
Aide de Camp to His Royal Majesty ADC
Honorary Physician to the King KHP
Honorary Surgeon to the King KHS
King's Counsellor KC
Deputy of the Chamber of Deputies RD
University Degrees[1]
Doctorate DD; etc.
Master's MA; MSc; etc.
Bachelor's BA; BSc; etc.
Medicine MD; etc.
Surgery MS; etc.
Diplomas MRCS; etc.
Fellowship/Membership of Professional Institutions
Chartered Engineer CEng
Incorporated Engineer IEng
Engineering Technician EngTech
Writer to the Signet WS
Royal Armed Forces[2]
Royal Gotzborg Navy RN[3]
Royal Army RA[4]
Royal Naval Air Service RNAS


  1. ^ The exact post-nominal for university degrees varies based on the faculty in which the degree was obtained. "Ph.D." is not used because "Doctor" prior to the name is suffices.
  2. ^ In the Armed Forces two or more branches may have officers with the same or similar titles such as "Captain which is a position in the Royal Gotzborg Navy, Royal Army. To differentiate between the branches, post-nominals such as RGN" are used. However such post-nominals are not used for the higher positions since the higher officers are differently-titled in each branch.
  3. ^ "RN" or "RNAS" is used for officers with the rank of Captain or below.
  4. ^ In the Army the initials of the regiment or corps of the officer are used as post-nominals.