Floria Rugby League

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Floria Floria Rugby League
File:Floria rugby league logo.png
Founded 2017
Headquarters Northcliff Floria
FMF affiliation 2017
ARL affiliation 2017
President Tom Warburton

The 'Floria Rugby League (FRL) is the governing body for the sport of rugby league football in the Confederate States of Floria. The Floria Rugby League administers the Floria Centurions, the national team. Currently, they manage the Florian Super League and its feeder leagues. The amateur game in the Florian Republic is organised by the Florian Amateur Sports Federation. The FRl is a member of the FMRL and ARL. It is a member of the Association of Sports Leagues (ASL), an organisation responsible for the control of all major sports leagues in the Florian Republic.