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Etzeland-Steerswick Football League

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Etzeland-Steerswick Football League
File:ESFL logo.png
Founded 18.XIII.1702 AN
First season 1703 AN
Number of teams 14
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to None
Domestic cup(s) Mondo Cup

The Etzeland-Steerswick Football League (Cibolan Saxon: Etzeland-Stierschweig Fussball Liga), or ESFL, is a professional football league, operated jointly by the Etzeland and Steerswick Football Associations. The league originally comprised nine teams, six from Etzeland and three from Steerswick, with each team projected to play sixteen games per season.


In I.1703 AN, the league was expanded to fourteen teams, with the addition of clubs representing the cities of Helderburg, Krählen, Mondostadt, Monduz and Waldenburg. Each team is expected to play twenty-six games in the inaugural season.


In 1717 AN, it was announced that the present season would be the ESFL's last. Both the EFA and SFA subsequently revealed plans for separate national leagues, incorporating new clubs.


Club Association
Helderburg-Stadt FC EFA
Leichenberg FC EFA
Leichenhafen FC EFA
Krählen FC EFA
Mondoesch FC EFA
Mondostadt FC EFA
Monduz FC EFA
Neumarkt FC EFA
Neurossheim FC EFA
Oberwald FC EFA
Steerhead FC SFA
Steermouth FC SFA
Steerswick City FC SFA
Waldenburg FC EFA