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Economy of Los Liberados

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Economy of Los Liberados
Currency: Liberadosan cruz (₵)
GDP: ₵ 517 billion (1677)
GDP by Sector:
  • Services (22.3%)
  • Manufacturing (42.8%)
  • Construction (4.6%)
  • Agriculture (26.4%)
  • Other (3.9%)
Unemployment Rate: 4.8% (1677)


Petroleum, mining, machinery, construction, steel, agriculture, pharmacy, energy

Major Industry (% of GDP): Oil and gas (12.3%)
Largest Company (Value): PetroLib (₵ 47.65 billion)
Labor Force (% of Total Population): 3,943,100 (63%)
Fiscal Year: 1677
Budget: undisclosed
Inflation Rate: 3.5%
Public Debt: undisclosed

Exports: petroleum, hardwood, iron ore, steel, machinery, fruit, alcohol, tobacco, coffee, pharmacy, technology, seafood, shipbuilding
Export Partners: Batavia, Constancia, Florian Republic, Jingdao, Kalgachia, Shireroth, Palesmenia
Imports: uranium, natural gas, technology, weapons, grain, rice, meat
Import Partners: Batavia, Constancia, Florian Republic, Jingdao, Kalgachia, Shireroth, Palesmenia

The economy of Los Liberados is a diverse and young economy. Following Liberadosan independence in 1669, the country experienced an economic boom caused by the corporist policies of first president Jacobo Castrigo. The Iron Company gained a prominent position in the Liberadosan economy, which brought wide opportunities for the young Republic. Following a period of turmoil after the death of President Castrigo, and a backlash against the influence of the Company on Benacia, the Liberadosan government implemented a policy of nationalisation of industry and trade.

Economía Liberada

La economía liberada was a series of economic reforms that occured in Los Liberados following the ascencion of Rodrigo Calderón Mendez to the Presidency. Contrary to what the name might suggest, the liberated economy was not a policy of economic liberalisation, but rather of massive nationalisation. This was in line with what Calderón coined "Sociedad Nueva", a nationalist-syndicalist vision of the Republic. Many of the companies of Los Liberados were placed under the newly established Secretaría de Economía, which is chaired by Secretarío Manuel Rosario Díaz. The Junta de la Liberación Nacional implemented the new policies at great speed following the death of President Castrigo, who had been an advocate for free trade.


List of Registred Companies

Company Logo Company Name Products & Services Company headquarters Ownership
IronCompanyLogo.png Compañía de Hierro Financial Services, Mining, Commercial Air Services,
Merchant Shipping, Colonial Ventures
Puerto Arcadio (Liberadosan Branch) Iron Company, partly nationalised
. High Speed Los Liberados High Speed Rail Puerto Arcadio Secretaría de Economía
LBC.png Liberadosan Banana Company Fruit Puerto Arcadio Secretaría de Economía
OIECmotif.png Octavian Import-Export Corporation
(Liberadosan Branch)
Imports and exports Puerto Arcadio Secretaría de Economía
PetroLIB.png PetroLIB Oil and Gas Cristina & Puerto Arcadio Secretaría de Economía
Global Solutions Corporation Consultancy & Ethical Investments Brokerage Puerto Arcadio Pekke Aloorion (International Labourers Guild)