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(Resoration of an old article, c.2005)


Behmanesh entered micronations after stumbling on after feeling dissatisfied with and wishing to have a more immersive experience. With a few friends he created the unsuccessful Republic of Verelexia.


Later on, looking for a micronation to join, FarzAn looked on MNO for an english-speaking micronation that was a simulation with a hybrid system of government. He found the Solomonic Empire of Attera as one of the first results, and since militarism appealed to him he immigrated. FarzAn started as Minister of Defence and High Judge, creating a doctrine, curtailing the use of forum-busting weapons. He later resigned his post as minister of defence, citing that it conflicted with his role of High Judge.

His role as High Judge was put to the test when he presided over the trial of Emperor Jacobus for inciting rebellion under the login "Tomaz Painn". His point-by-point counterattack of the original post earnedhim the noble title of Ras and the Collar of the Black Star of Attera, Class III. The trial of Jacobus helped to highlight several flaws in Atteran Law, for example the lack of protection against double jeopardy and ex post facto applications of the law.

FarzAn later won a seat in Attera's Legislature, the Yezawd Derg, as a representative for Attera Proper-Major. At that time he also became Minister of State, which deals with both internal and foreign affairs. After a brief stint in the job in Janurary 2005 (which he lost due to inactivity on his part) he became the director of the Atteran Cultural Directorate.

Behmanesh has also been a member of Attera's secret services the Crimson Order and the Shagadaan. During the time of the People's Brittannic Federation, Farzan managed to infiltrate the nation under an alias and helped to bring about the "Bible Revolution" overthrowing the socialist government.

A while later, in protest over what he perceived as an abuse of imperial power, he resigned all positions and moved to the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg.


At the time of his resignations in Attera, FarzAn immigrated to the Royal Kingdom of Gotzborg , joining their (largely ceremonial) army, and getting a job as Deputy-Vice Minister of State for the Home Office with the portfolio of (DVMS) Culture. After a while in that job he resigned to become the Minister of Economic Affairs, where he has been instrumental in implementing a functioning economy in the Kingdom. He is also been a member of the Royal Criminal Police, as the head of the Investigations department, holding the Rank of Deputy Commissioner. In the Army his rank is Lieutenant-Colonel, as colonel-in-chief of the 2ndRegiment, Royal Guard Cavalry (Life Guard Cuirassiers).

Other Achievements

Behmanesh used to write the Micronational Eye, a very-much-less-than-serious tabloid, and has managed to attract public attention to the hobby of micronationalism by talking to Danny Wallace on live TV and getting him to agree to sign a treaty of mutual recognition between his country andAttera, Treithar, Antica, Shireroth, Stormark,Natopia, Riponia and Anthelia. This treaty was signed live on "Citizen TV" on the 17th August 2005. He also worked part-time as a newsreader and commentator for KZFO. On 22nd August 2005, FarzAn was awarded the Order of the Griffin for managing to gain publicity for the anglophone sector on the BBC.

Preceded by:
Hesam Jayatar
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Wil Nider
Preceded by:
Shah of Babkha
Succeeded by
Ardashir II