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Stratocracy of Treithar
Official language English
Capital Corthas
Largest cities Merevzina, Grigorgrad, Ovensk
Website defunct
Forum defunct
Number of citizens 5
Number of active citizens 0 (Nation Inactive)
Date founded August 2005
Government Military Dictatorship
Current leader President-General
Currency Medran
National animal Eagle
National fruit/food unknown
National drink unknown
Map versions 7.0.2 - 8.0.2

The Stratocracy of Treithar (later the Republic of Treithar) was a military dictatorship located on Apollonia and later Keltia.


Treithar started out as an offline attempt to create an interesting new micronation. After several failed attempts at writing constitutions, including a medieval english feudal monarchy, it was finally decided that Treithar should be a military dictatorship. After many different attempts at designing the governmental system, it was finally decided that all aspects of government would be controlled by the military. A constitution was then created and signed in July, with a website and forum created soon after.


Treithar is a state completely controlled by the military. Censorship exists, but is not used frequently, and political power is restricted to Rank and Time in Service. All major decisions are made by the General Staff, and the Legislative Command Council (Treithar's Legislature) is selected at random, although there have been accusations of rigging. Political parties are nonexistent. Pro-government Propaganda is seen in the press, and there is something of a cult of personality around the President-General


Treithar's Official Website
Treithar's Official Forums
[ The Treithar Gazette - The State-Owned Newspaper]
Treithar's Hansard