Hesam Jayatar

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Hesam Jayatar (born Hesam Jahandar) reigned as Kaiser Hasan I in Shireroth (1537–1541), Duke of Elwynn (1541), assassinated in Ardashirshahr in 1541.

In Shireroth, mostly famous for his role in the War of Jeremy's Nose (1539-1542) and for ritually ceding the kaisership to the Babkhan in the early days of his kaisership. The Sword of Vengeance was a personal gift from Hasan to Rashid, and Hasan had inscribed Rashid to be his heir in Shireroth in his will, as a form of retirement gift. Kaiser Hasan was however murdered in Ardashirshahr, and in a bitter feud over succession with Jacobus Loki, Rashid was eventually declared the Kaiser of Shireroth. The Babkhan shah, recognized by Babkhan law and Rashid's feudal allegiance, gave Rashid and his successors the title Emir of Sathrati. A spell of bad guilt over his alleged treachery made Rashid mentally unstable, culminating in his suicide in 1544.

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Preceded by:
Loki II
Kaiser of Shireroth
Succeeded by
Preceded by:
Harald Thorstein
Duke of Elwynn
Succeeded by
Ardashir II