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April 2006 Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections

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The April 2006 elections will elect members to the 3rd Parliament of Alexandria.

The April 2006 Alexandrian Parliamentary Elections (more formally, the 2nd General Election) were held from April 21st, 2006 to April 25th, 2006, to elect members of the 3rd Parliament of Alexandria. The Imperial Parliament's constitutionally-imposed term was exceeded when elections failed to occur on the second weekend of April, the third month of the term of the 2nd Parliament of Alexandria.

The parliament preceding this election is led by the Alexandrian Conservative Party, who holds a total of 3 seats by itself. A moderate conservative coalition between the Alexandrian Conservative Party and the NPA has enabled the conservatives in Alexandria to reign supreme in Parliament. Added to this is increased independent (there are two independents in Parliament) support of the Conservative Party and Conservative Prime Minister Matthieu Poitiers.

Challenge to Conservative Supremacy

Primarily, the election is being challenged by the People's Democratic Party (PDP) who are fighting the election on back of the economic success which leader Pete James (who is also Minister of Economics) believes he has achieved, albieit the economy has not yet officially launched. They are also campaigning on "Across the board equality": championing free healthcare and education for all. The party is also campaigning on alleged Conservative mismanagement of past economies.


The current Imperial Parliament is made up of seven seats. Five of them are devoted to the provinces of the Empire. These are Asunción, Puerto Nuevo, Rio Grande, Valenciennes and Baudrix.

There are two seats in Parliament that are not elected. One is appointed by the Emperor and the MP appointed has to be a scholar and a member of the Catholic Church. The second is appointed by the Prime Minister and the MP appointed has to be a member of the judiciary. Both seats are now vacant after the departure of Jean Michel Leclerc (also former Minister of the Interior), who served as the Emperor's apointee.

Notable Races

Puerto Nuevo




Jose Frias won this constituency for the Alexandrian Conservative Party by default.


Pete James, from the People's Democratic Party, won this seat by default.

Rio Grande

Joshua Jackson won the seat by default for the Non-Partisan's Association.


Federico LeMamon (ACP) has defeated Sebastien Alexandre (PDP) with a total of 66.7% of the vote. Monsieur Alexandre had 33.3% of the vote.

Puerto Nuevo

Charles de Montford (ACP) has defeated Claude Peterson (NPA) with a total of 75% of the vote. Monsieur Peterson had 25% of the vote.

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