Aoife the Celt

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Aoife, also known as Aoife the Celt, was a former Queen of Hurmu and a Storish royal, and Regent of Stormark. She was elected Queen of Hurmu unanimously by the Senate of Hurmu in 1524 and stayed as queen until 1550 when a new constitution was written. Thereafter titled Queen among the Lakes as courtesy.

She was the only Queen that Hurmu had. In Hurmu her role ws ceremonial. This did, however, not hinder her from being active in the senatorial discussions. She was, for example, against the idea that Hurmu should join the Grand Commonwealth as a member state.

She is believed to have died during the Collapse of the Storish state around 1685–1687.

Preceded by:
Andelarion (as Prince)
Queen of Hurmu
Succeeded by
Ionel Constantinescu (as Chairman of the Senate)