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Alliance for Prosperity

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The Alliance for Prosperity is the formal alliance between the United Nationalist Alliance, Sanaman National Party and, since 1691, the Nationalist & Humanist Party. The motivation behind the alliance is partly to capitalise on UNA support in Sanilla and SNP support in Amarra, and partly to form an electoral alliance prior to the 1685 federal elections to win the new majority bonus. The formal decision to form the alliance was made in late 1684. Party leaders also informally approached other parties for a possible triple alliance. The most likely candidate according to most political commentators was the Nationalist & Humanist Party. However, ideological differences prevented a formal alliance with N&H, leaving the AfP with only two member parties. In the beginning of 1691 the Nationalist & Humanist Party in Sanama joined the alliance, after months of negotiations. The alliance in response adopted a "soft" position on human supremacy, promoting the interests and supremacy of the human race, while assuming a soft position on enforcement against non-human sapient species.

Member parties

Party Leader Llusan Joined
United Nationalist Alliance Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
265 / 639
Democratic Humanist Party Jasmina Hosseini
88 / 639
Alliance for Prosperity Keysa Nur Pinito Caprici
353 / 639