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Akademi Perangai Pelik Phinbella

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Akademi Perangai Pelik
Judges Lee Hae-yoo
Mat Zuridan Muhammad Zaini
Takeshi Wakamari
Theme music composer Kim Joo-won
Country of origin Phinbella Phinbella
No. of seasons 1
Running time approximately 3 hours
Original network JSB Astro One
Original release RP 2617 (RP 2617)
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Akademi Perangai Pelik or Akademi Perangai Pelik Phinbella (usually abbreviated to APP, in Common Tongue is Strange Behavior Academy) is a Phinbella's reality television show where each participant called a student competes to win and get a title, and the participant who gets the title gets the chance to start their career in the Phinbellan entertainment industry, whether in PP-pop, and various genres of music in Phinbella. The program has just begun auditioning for its first season which is expected to air this year.


Each season the Akademi Perangai Pelik has 14 concerts including finals, and ranges from 16 to 20 participants (or above of 20 participants) who are named students. All APP students live in a house called the Akademi, they are allowed to be free to perform according to different genres as well as folk songs according to their respective ethnic groups. They will practice song, acting and dance lessons, as well as other activities but independently in their own hands or related to the performing arts for a period of 14 weeks. These classes are called by various vocal teachers and music teachers from selected schools, who are skilled in the art of voice or skilled in the field. The APP Diary is posted on each working day, showcasing student activities throughout the Akademi. The Akademi is held by a principal from Jalan Mas High School, where the Akademi is located in the school which is close to the capital, Negara Awan. APP students are not all only solo students, but are also allowed to be duo students (same male or female, or a male and female) and in groups (male band, female band or rock band).

The Strange Behavior Academy judging system relies on social media votes and audience SMS votes (called “APUNDI”), students who get the lowest votes will be eliminated in weekly concerts, there will be double eliminations or no eliminations will be given by production panel consensus.

The JSB management is in talks to invite a lawyer for the first season which is expected to take place this year. Previously, JSB had appointed three jurors for its first season, namely Lee Hae-yoo, Mat Zuridan Muhammad Zaini and Takeshi Wakamari. Each APP weekly will also be invited an invited jury.


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