2020 Tellian Serie B

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The 2020 Tellian Serie B season was the thirteenth edition—and 15th overall—of the Tellian Serie B, the secondary football league in Tellia. The league was contested by eight teams, and was held between October 2019 and May 2020.

The league was originally won by AS Rex Leonia, however, they were later stripped of the title after being found guilty of match-fixing for the second time in five years, in conjunction with league newcomers Sogrado Sportiva. AS Rex Leonia had previously been given a suspended points deduction following the earlier incident, which was applied this season, along with an additional points deduction for the new offence. Sogrado Sportiva had never been implicated in match-fixing during their previous tenure in the league, but due to this being their first season since returning, were treated harshly by the FGGC. Following the application of all penalties, the league was won by Maccabiah Klymenburg, who returned to Serie A at the first time of asking.

Match fixing scandal

AS Rex Leonia and Sogrado Sportiva were both found guilty of match-fixing, after an investigation found that they had collaborated in two of their league meetings. The first incident was during the second game of the season, where suspicious betting patterns were noticed prior to AS Rex Leonia's late equaliser. The second incident was during Sogrado Sportiva's 5–3 win in the pair's fourth meeting. Several players were found to have deliberately received yellow cards, and more unusual betting patterns were noticed, relating to the number of goals in the match, as well as the number of penalties awarded, with over Cr 2 million being staked on the match having five penalties.

The FGGC's investigation found both clubs guilty of match-fixing. Sogrado Sportiva were deducted all points gained during the season, as well as an additional four points that were gained during the fixed matches. AS Rex Leonia carried over a suspended 38-point deduction from 2015, which was applied retroactively to this season. Additionally, they were deducted a further 60 points for their part in the second scandal, the one point gained from the fixed matches, and due to an unconnected incident relating to bonus payments, a further five points for a breach of financial fair play regulations. This was the heaviest punishment ever inflicted in FMF history, and it saw both clubs relegated to Serie C. Both clubs respectively had a further 60 and 32 point deduction suspended for seven years.


Both clubs appealed the decision made by the FGGC. The appeal hearing began on 2 September 2020, however, the hearing was delayed as the presiding judge was arrested and charged with corruption shortly before he was due to announce the outcome. In the rescheduled hearing, AS Rex Leonia presented a series of similar incidents as evidence that there was no wrongdoing, however the replacement judge found that these were also examples of match fixing, and upheld the original decision.

Final league table

Team Pld
W D L PF PA PD Pts Qualification
Maccabiah Klymenburg 28 12 10 6 40 24 +16 46 Promotion to Serie A
Ocula ASC 28 12 9 7 41 30 +11 45  
FC Bayern Klemmen 28 11 8 9 30 24 +6 41
AC Fiorecittà 28 11 5 12 25 26 −1 38
Lokomotiv Rabintzov 28 9 7 12 31 38 −7 34
FC Aosta Litovina 28 6 4 18 21 43 −22 22
Sogrado Sportiva 28 8 8 12 28 38 −10 −4* Relegation to Serie C
AS Rex Leonia 28 13 9 6 37 22 +15 −56*
*AS Rex Leonia deducted 38 points retroactively for their first incidence of match-fixing, and additionally a further 60 points for the second incidence. They were also deducted 1 point that was gained from the fixed matches, and a further 5 points for a breach of financial fair play regulations, for a combined total deduction of 104 points. A further 60 point deduction was suspended for seven years.

*Sogrado Sportiva deducted 32 points for match-fixing, and an additional 4 points that were gained during the fixed matches, for a combined total of 36 points. A further 32 point deduction was suspended for seven years.