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Ólbescból League B Championship

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Ólbescból League B Championship
Countries Craitland Craitland
Founded 2008
First season 2008
Number of teams 16
Levels on pyramid 2
Promotion to A Championship

The Ólbescból League B Championship, commonly known just as the B Championship, is the second tier ólbescból league in Craitland and is contested by teams representing counties. The league involves 16 teams, each playing 60 games, totalling 480 games, a season. The season begins in March and ends in October, with games being played on Mondays and Fridays.


The B Championship was founded in early 2008, when professional ólbescból teams were permitted after the expansion of the original All-Craitland Championship. Since 2008, the league has been played with no change in format, with four teams being promoted to the A Championship after each season and four being relegated.


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2008 Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ Unstjeiädón Laintens Jedu Carä
2009 Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Unstjeiädón Sóth Ämo Unstjeiädón Nórd Ämo
2010 Klevets-ó-Sdaa Róndsdaa Obsĵaiduņ Tiem Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ
2011 Unstjeiädón Laintens Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Klevets-ó-Sdaa Klevets
2012 Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ Klevets-ó-Sdaa Sdaa Obsĵaiduņ Foróp
2013 Metzreäiĵer F'ed-Juliaĵ Klevets-ó-Sdaa Sóth Täó Klevets-ó-Sdaa La-Kirest
2014 Unstjeiädón Laintens Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ Obsĵaiduņ Gaär
2015 Metzreäiĵer M'e-D'aar Obsĵaiduņ Huläj Metzreäiĵer Nórd Täó
2016 Obsĵaiduņ Foróp Obsĵaiduņ Gaär Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ
2017 Klevets-ó-Sdaa Sdaa Cherry Trees Cherry Trees Metzreäiĵer K'aĵräk
2018 Unstjeiädón Osĵätoņ Klevets-ó-Sdaa La-Kirest Klevets-ó-Sdaa Róndsdaa
2019 Obsĵaiduņ Zen Obsĵaiduņ Huläj Metzreäiĵer M'e-D'aar