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Ólbescból League A Championship

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Ólbescból League A Championship
Countries Craitland Craitland
Founded 2008
First season 2008
Number of teams 16
Levels on pyramid 1
Relegation to B Championship

The Ólbescból League A Championship, commonly known just as the A Championship, is the top-tier ólbescból league in Craitland and is contested by teams representing counties. The league involves 16 teams, each playing 60 games, totalling 480 games, a season. The season begins in March and ends in October, with games being played on Mondays and Fridays.


The A Championship was founded in early 2008, when professional ólbescból teams were permitted after the expansion of the original All-Craitland Championship. Since 2008, the league has been played with no change in format, with four teams being relegated to the B Championship after each season and four being promoted.


Year Winners Runners-up Third Place
2008 Metzreäiĵer Hänä Cherry Trees Kahthajtensen Metzreäiĵer Xäi
2009 Metzreäiĵer Hänä Metzreäiĵer Xäi Unstjeiädón Ĵars
2010 Unstjeiädón Ĵars Metzreäiĵer Xäi Cherry Trees Kahthajtensen
2011 Unstjeiädón Ĵars Metzreäiĵer K'asan Metzreäiĵer K'aĵräk
2012 Cherry Trees Kahthajtensen Unstjeiädón Ĵars Metzreäiĵer Xäi
2013 Metzreäiĵer Xäi Cherry Trees Kahthajtensen Obsĵaiduņ Foróp
2014 Unstjeiädón Ĵars Metzreäiĵer K'eĵer Metzreäiĵer Xäi
2015 Unstjeiädón Ĵars Cherry Trees Kahthajtensen Obsĵaiduņ Tiem
2016 Cherry Trees Kahthajtensen Metzreäiĵer Hänä Metzreäiĵer Xäi
2017 Metzreäiĵer Hänä Unstjeiädón Ĵars Metzreäiĵer Xäi
2018 Metzreäiĵer Xäi Metzreäiĵer Hänä Metzreäiĵer K'eĵer
2019 Metzreäiĵer Xäi Unstjeiädón Ĵars Cherry Trees Cherry Trees