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Cumhuriyeti Trakistan
(Republic of Thracistan)
Flag of Thracistan
Coat of Arms of Thracistan
Coat of Arms
Motto: Trakistan,canım ülkem!
Anthem: Full Strongest
Location of Thracistan
Map versions 16.4.4 –
Capital Kadim
Largest city Kadim
Official language(s) Thraci
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Thraci
 - Adjective Thraci
Government Presidental Republic
 - President Uras Beyzırgaslan
 - Head of Government Hasan Ladin
 - Legislature Anayasa
Establishment 2019 (version 16.4.2)
Population 1,981,741
Currency Thraci Manat
Abbreviation ROT
Driving side
Time zone(s)
National website Official Website
National forum Official forum
National animal Black maned wolf
National food Kokoreç
National drink Ayran
National tree Cupuaçu

Thracistan, officially known as the Republic of Thracistan, is a Micras nation. It covers seven islands in Apollonia; Yogakarta, Yürek, Semendir, Trakada,Er, Oynak and Kaman Island.The nation has a population of 1 million and about 900 thousand of them are Thraci people. The president is Uras Beyzırgaslan and vice president is Hasan Ladin.


First claim.
Second claim.


The nation's first attempted claim was on Corum. The ruins of Al Qatari were located in the claim. There were to be six cities and there were new city projects planned. The claim was withdrawn after the Thraci alleged that claims in Corum were not recommended.


This attempted claim was on Keltia. The ruins of Via Laura, Zanzibar and Helatar were to be converted into modern cities, new cities were to be constructed, and railways and roads were to be built. The claim was denied because it was submitted too soon and Thracistan was not deemed active enough.

Attempt at being a territory of Shireroth

President Alperen began to look for the nation to be annexed as a territory of an existing nation on Micras through diplomacy on the Discord server. He shortlisted candidates including Hoenn, the Florian Republic and Shireroth, with Shireroth suggested most suitable due to its multiple islands and discussions were attended. The intended claim included the island of So-Sara and the building of two new cities. However, international reaction and opinions were taken into account by Alperen, and it was accepted that Thracistan would maintain being an independent nation.

A number of Thraci immigrants reached the island ofSo-Sara. President Alperen was given a seat in Shireroth's legislature, and was given the noble title Viscount of Thracistan by Kaiser Ayreon IV. Despite the Kalirion Fracture, President Alperen remained a Shirerithian nobleman until 1678 when he renounced his citizenship.

1673 coup d'etat

1673 Thraci Coup d'etat was a military event in the ancient capital of Thracistan.The order did not occur in the chain of command, but by the planning of 45 officers.First, the road to parliament was cut by the soldiers, after which the assembly was bombed.The state channel was raided by several soldiers and the statement was read.The last palace where Alperen Mithat Gazi stayed was raided and the president was taken prisoner. In the morning, coup leader Ahmar Ceamçı declared himself a new leader.




Family Culture

Wooden Ducks

Wooden ducks come from the eastern culture and play an important role in understanding family problems.It is usually equipped with dark blue and red ribbons, which are called national colors.If there is harmony between the husband and wife, then the ducks are oriented facing each other, bill to bill. If the couple is arguing, they may turn one or both ducks so that they are facing away from each other.


Patty and sarma is traditional foods

Thracistan dishes are mostly a rich cuisine with pastries and meat dishes.In addition to pastry and meat dishes, tropical fruits are among the indispensable ones after eating.In a typical Thraci restaurant you can patty, sarma and kokoreç.The sort of patty and sarma are: raw fish, lamb meat, Safir meat (banned according to the law), fruity, greens, cheese and yogurt.But drink prices are not that cheap.After the meal you can eat a Cupuaçu chocolate and fruit meat, Mangolini and Pasipoun fruit.The cheapest drink is salty Ayran milked from Asani cow.



Petmut Lion

Art is a general sculpture.The reason for this is the large amount of stone reserves in Thracistan.Petmut Lion sums up geography as both history and art.This statue of a lion was found in Petmut, and scientists assume that this statue dates back to version 7.


Thracistan's most popular sport is association football. Other popular sports are basketball, rugby league and wrestling. Thracistan's national football league is the Milliy Lig, and other national sports league include Süperbasketbol (basketball), Milliy Ragbi (rugby league) and the Güreş Festivali (wrestling).

Thracistan Fan Club(Kırmızı Ölüm)