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Niyi is the capital and largest city in Sanama. The name in Sani and Ama is Niyi, in Istvanistani and Praeta Nee, and in Cisamarrese Nea.


Niyi is both the capital of Sanama and the capital of the Canton of Niyi. After the communes in the city federated to form a citywide district government, a referendum approved the merger of the city and canton governments. The formal name of the city is City of Niyi–Nee. Its politics are naturally dominated by the fact that it hosts the national government, not including the over 400 communal governments.


Niyi is considered a melting pot with a large number of different ethnicities represented. Roughly a third speak Sani and a third Istvani, while other nationalities make up 12 percent of the population.


Niyi hosts three international airports: Malliki Tosha International Airport, Niyi City Airport and Southport International Airport.