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Autonomous Province of Mishalacia
Avtonomna Oblast Mišalacija
Автономная Область Мишалация
Flag of Ocia
Coat of Arms of Ocia
Coat of Arms
Za svobodu domovine!
For the freedom of the homeland!
Hej, Slaveni!
Hey, Slavs!
[[|250px|Location of Ocia|frameless]]
Map versions
Capital Janezgrad
Largest city Janezgrad
Official language(s) Ocian
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Mishalacian
 - Adjective
Government Parliamentary republic
 - Governor TBD
 - Chancellor TBD
 - Legislature Oblastna Duma
Establishment 20 November 2019
Area TBD
Population TBD
Currency Reichsmark
Abbreviation OCI
Driving side Right
Time zone(s) CMT −9
National website
National forum
National animal
National food
National drink
National tree

The Autonomous Province of Mishalacia (Ocian: Avtonomna Oblast Mišalacija) (Mishalanese: Автономная Область Мишалация) (Amokolian: ) is an autonomous province in the Frankish Empire, on the continent of Benacia.