Logistic Support Vessel

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Logistic Support Vessel

Logistic Support Vessel in gravtank carrier role.
Type Logistic Support Vessel
Displacement 12,585 metric tons
Length 125 metres
Beam 35 metres
Offensive armament x16 S-2 Standard Missile (in anti-air or ship to shore configurations)
Defensive armament x1 20 mm autocannon, close-in weapon system
Flight / Loading deck 106m x 19m
Facilities Flight deck, hangar deck, vehicle/munitions lifts, vehicle deck, magazine.
Ferry capacity x 30 GV(MBT)-1 Bandersnatch or x4 GAV(P)-5 Nereid.

Logistic Support Vessels (LSV) were designed and built in Shirerithian shipyards following the War of Lost Brothers to give the Raspur Pact a global strategic capability to deliver its vehicles and cargo. Built and delivered unarmed they were however constructed with the capacity to house point defence systems, a multi-band radar, and multiple vertical launch systems in the raised portions of the ship, leaving the option open to allied naval planners to upgrade examples of the type into a versatile surface combatant on the cheap (comparatively speaking). The reinforced decks of the LSV-class also allow it to serve as a landing platform dock for gravimetric air vehicles, such as the Nereid, and gravtanks.