Jingdaoese people in Krasnarus

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Ethnic Jingdaoese in Krasnarus
Jingdao flag.png
Flag of the Jingdaoese people
Total population
953,714 (2017 census)-1,050,000-1,630,000
Regions with significant populations
eastern Sylvania, Nuví Pelezu, rural southern Albion
Jingdaoese, Šlovedk
Predominately Tianchaodao, minority Sunni Islam, Roman Catholicism and irreligion
Related ethnic groups
Xhusorians, Batavians in Krasnarus

Ethnic Jingdaoese in Krasnarus have a history dating back to 2013, when Jingdao controlled the present-day territory of the country. They were relocated there initially from Cibola, when the entire empire moved across continents. However, most of the Jingdaoese that stayed were impoverished peasants or members of isolated communities who did not receive word of the move. Others still stayed because they hoped to establish a new nation there, but this failed; after Jingdao lost control of the region, the territory was in anarchy until Krasnarus formally made its claim to Micras in 2017, which included Albion and Sylvania.


As of 2017, out of 953,714 self-identified Jingdaoese, 50.3% of them were male and 49.7% female. 30.0%, or 283,253 individuals, were living in poverty, and their average income was Cr6,134. 98.0% had employment, and 19.9% of individuals over age 26 had college degrees.

Notable Diaspora populations


  1. Albion (424,006)
  2. Sylvania (447,623)
  3. Paribian Isles (66,476)
  4. Phedodah (15,609)