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Haifa Trading Group

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Ex-Caputian trading company (est. 1656). Subsidiary of the ESB Group (Keltia). Chief Executive Officer: Jora Lembkin. Registered offices: 17 Plaza de Manco Cápac, Parap. Listed on the CCEC, Economy of the Parap Stock Exchange and Trade Board of Normark. Formerly listed on the CapEx

Board of Control

  1. Chief Executive Officer: Jora Lembkin
  2. Director of Euran Trade: Enoch Ismachiah



Capital assets

Former domiciles

  1. 254 Einova Road, Moi-Benni, Keybir-Aviv, Haifa (1656 ANTBC AN)
  2. District 9, Parap, Wechua Nation (TBC ANTBC AN)
  3. 2018 Lamentations of the Sathrati Boulevard, Nivardom, Molivadia, Constancia (TBC ANTBC AN)
  4. 17 Plaza de Manco Cápac, Parap, Wechua Nation, Alduria-Wechua (TBC AN


  1. ^ Valued at 200,000,000 Staters