Declaration for the Reorganisation of Benacia and Elwynn (1696)

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The Declaration for the Reorganisation of Benacia and Elwynn, made at Chryse on 8.XI.1696 AN, during the Congress of Chryse, was issued as an act preparatory to the transfer of powers from occupation governments previously established by Benacia Command to civilian governments headed by the respective Archons of the Nationalist and Humanist Party in Elwynn and the Unified Governorates of Benacia.

Key points

  1. Abdication of Jeremiah Avon-El as Szodan of Benacia, replaced by Constantine Loup.
  2. Congress of Chryse empowered to revise or replace the Constitution of Drakorda, Constitution of Elwynn, and Declaration of Merensk as the constitutional documents of Elwynn and the UGB.
  3. Congress of Chryse to review the continued suitability of the Covenant as an instrument for the implementation of mass obedience.
  4. Political Directorate of Benacia Command to end direct day to day involvement in the governance of Elwynn and the UGB.
  5. N&H to be the sole lawful political party and "vehicle for the expression of the popular will of redeemed humanity".